Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hse case of Ann Kennedy violates her human rights as an Irish citizen

I am upgrading my position on my cruel treatment by the hse community care team to that of a human rights issue and label it a scandal and a crime.
To treat a sick person in such a vile and insensitive manner is wrong. To do so in the name of health care management and as person centered is evil and 'sick.'
I face the Taoiseach of the day and the new minister of health with this accusation and the Taoiseach has told me through his office civil servants that he is observing all of this as it unfolds.
I inform our prime minister of the truth.
I inform him of my pain.
I also inform him yesterday by email that I cannot take much more of the abuse.
I have let him be aware that my physical health is now compromise

By what I label as 'institutional abuse" by a paid public sector organization paid to care for the sick and disabled, namely the HSE, health service executive.
Twins with a rare disease should now come under the new 'rare disease protocol' launched by our previous minister for health, dr. James reilly.
As senior citizens, as Irish sick and also disabled to stand idly by and watch and listen to our pain, abuse and struggles with the HSE is a state government neglect lay its people.
 None voted this present government in with the clause "now elected ministers go forth and trash the shite out of our least able" we sent you out to effect good and significant change. Not out to obliterate all vulnerable Irish citizens by leaving them to an unregulated system called here in Ireland "THE HSE"
No mater how you see it myself and my sick, elder and disabled twin gamble on the tax payers Monet and left this small nation penniless.
Clean up the cunning dishonesty  in all organizations in Ireland and sophisticated to the letter by our mainly ignorant hse.

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