Thursday, August 21, 2014

the hurt, betrayal of HSE abuse will not go away with 'do not be upset!'

to-day i had an Occupational therapist come to my home with a lumpy wheelchair cushion.
i can imagine how horrible it will feel considering the lump is directly under an impossible hip already, one that is agony to put down on any cushion, let alone a ridged lumpy padding which looks as if its just stuffed in and no rough edges ironed out.
i shall investigate this further, i think there appears to be a zip.
she found me today bawling, not an unusual occurrence these days.
'don't be upset' she announces.

the fact is I am and i will be.
no words of such platitudes can calm the hurt i feel about the HSE.
these people are out on their own.

but i know little of the organisation but right now it feels like a cross between Hitler and the mafia.

it also shows a huge degree of disconnect that reality of situations seem not to impact that much on the professionals because if they did there is one thing they would never do and that is HURT the client.
this is standard for human rights, but also for a feeling caring service.

you do not name call, blame, invade and do so without question, query or understanding.

this is called the Stazi regime.
nothing short of it.

there are i know layer upon layer within the HSe, but i also know that policy and procedures as policy and procedures go are loose and also devoid of reality and can be interpreted the way the professionals wish.
nothing resembles a policy and procedure.
when they carry out a policy and name the policy,  further investigation will mean that the policy either doesn't exist in real terms, or doesn't relate to the issue, eg 'can i see the policy on this one' well they show you one but for the like of me i have not found the relevant article to the relevent issue.
they just claim, here is the policy.

there is a really good one too.  'vexatious complaints' procedure.
there isn't one.
there is one on paper, there is a policy that tells you how you go about this.
but of course it also means that if four get into a room to discuss they can write at the end of it, this clause as referring to the client, but then it doesn't mean this at all, it can mean there isn't any policy to equate to the dilemma in question and this is the nearest to it.

but the 'vexatious complaints' procedure again is loosely interpreted and what may be vexatious to one may be something entirely different to another, but the quarum usually manages to agree somewhere along the line and write it down as agreed and still get it very wrong.

i am waiting for another complaint to be investigated but as this is 'in house' you can be sure that in the space of a month a huddle will take place along with some legalese and we will have the answer cobbled so that all are exonerated for infringing third party violations and again misrepresenting the fact.

the fact that the law of 'do not get found out' actually has been broken means that they have to find a way to work on how the transgression was made and make a damn good case as to why  it was correct in doing so.
to me, all that will happen is no slap on the wrist but an answer that is so far from the truth it will be convoluted, dish washered out and all will say 'well done lads, that's another one canned and we can get on with life unscathed.'

not to me they wont for my trust has been busted with that lot.
they get a lot of funding does that charity and i have to say here, we have another problem with charities but then again, wait until you are 'found out' in order to work out how you are going to face that problem.  in the meantime, don't get found out and carry on lads, as always.
twist just about everything out of proportion to cover over the cracks so that blame is apportioned elsewhere.
in the process slip it to another organisation so that they too will feel your anger and your bad hair day and so you go home after slapping the computer shut with an eased conscience, only you got found out, two years hence so now there is a 30day stay of execution so that the in house investigation meets the aggressor and decide how they are going to get out of this little hole.

they will too cos in Ireland this is the way all these policies and procedures work.
they don't work.
it just depends who is at the helm and those at the helm are not nice people.
they are many charities and the HSE.

the HSE officials can come to my house and say 'do not be upset' but I am.
the case in point that this bringer of the bad news over two and a half years couldn't find it in herself to stand up to her boss and say 'this isn't right you know, you cannot demand such a thing.'
no the boss like a fierce nun in any riddled frustrated organisation will have her way because i believe if they didn't the poor little shites on the ground, the little OT i had today would pay hell or dearly.

i have even heard it say that if you go against the mafia you can be got rid of.
how, well they can cite for instance that they are not fit to practise and just shove em.

something like this happened in the psychiatric system.
a wonderful free thinker and psychiatrist was going to expose an organisation for zapping far too many times a person with ECT leaving her practially unable to do much with memory lose and more.
what happens, he is hauled over the coals and has to face the GMC fitness to practise and that lobby is so powerful he possibly would have been struck off.
what happened, he got cancer and popped his clogs instead, someone is mighty relieved.
same individual also managed to get my supporter in a court case to turn to her side and instead of being a witness against the prosecution became the executioner for the person who was angry that i managed to find a clause in law whereby some of my files could be eradicated.
she wasn't having any of it at all.
and a judge doesn't know the difference between a lunatic and a lonely individual so get the barrister to say this isn't about just any health issue its about serious mental health.
like hell, there is was (the serious mental health issue) in the wheelchair, already seeing this woman months before and getting an apology for ever being in the psychiatric system, but of course in the law courts, i couldn't stand up and say 'hey wait a minute chuck, you are looking at her, that serious mental health issue.'
she is a wheelchair user and never had a diagnosis of any mental health issue!
but what can i do when my barrister had had his say and it was up to the other side to prove it or swing it.
it was rightly swung.
so this is Irish law my friends.
it stinks.
which ever way you look at the laws of the land, you do not win a case against grievance.
you do not.
simply because those that are with you can be persuaded to be against you by 'the organisation.'
this happens all the time.
and the organisation will huddle to wrangle out of trouble.
a fact too, complaints are not ledgered in.
some are and some are not.

so the amount of complaints across the board look less than in reality.
and then many cannot make a complaint because they feel there is no point, my argument as above stands, they feel about as hopeless as i do at times to find justice in Ireland.

and who is Ireland may i ask?
because this is a very serious question.
we are tiny and we are not independent.
we are a country run by those who cannot find a job in anything else but politics.
and when you have a person slime to Europe on just about everything, then you do not have a country, for i believe we have been squarely annexed to Germany.

and if the gov thinks i believe anything else they can believe it.
we have a bunch of crooks, everywhere, they are even in my back yard, at my door and in my face.
they are everywhere.
they can say what they want, do what they wish and call you what they like.
one thing they will not communicate one simple fact...'i am sorry about what we have done to you.'
they couldn't do that because they haven't spine enough to do it.
they band together like a bunch of schoolyard bullies.
they go for the jugular, put their phones on speaker and snicker and giggle.
that's our health system i am talking about.
they do more than health issues, mental or otherwise.
they break the law.
and they are allowed to do it.

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kathy kiely said...

Hi Ann you could contact they are of the same opinion as you and want to organise a good protest with full media coverage over the abuse of the elderly and mental health services and human rights issues. the chairperson is a retired nurd=se who blew the whistle. You are so right the I wold rather deal with the mafia than the hSE. Change will only come if we have people power take to the streest and protest and keep on persiting. I know of a family who had issies with the hse it tokk 7 years to get an unreserved apology but only by refusing to go away/