Thursday, November 13, 2014

more damage to limbs because of neglectful HSE

image taken in 2010 - when i had the major
trouble attempting to get away from
a child who uses a gun against me.
also be aware that my two front teeth were
pulled by HSE and never replace for two years.
can you imagine going around as a woman with no teeth provided for the gaps?
we have the same neglect in 2014
I am sick of it all
yes, i have incurred another injury.
this time i have partially ripped an achilles tendon, due to three falls in ten days.

now i was wearing the so called special shoes for disability provided by hse but they are useless, as can be seen.  we had three occassions where i went over my ankle and hit the deck.

the first time meant a visit to A'E, it wasnt broken.
the second time i didnt go to A'E and now when i could not put foot to ground i have spent two afternoons in A'E where i was told it was torn and to return to the fracture clinic on monday.

i fell in march in the garden and sustained two torn, complete, muscles to the shoulders.
since then i have seen an orthopaedic surgeon privately and he told me he cannot mend due to danger, and seriousness of it with my health.

therefore i shall never be the same again.
this fall causing this damage occurred due on going fight with HSE for them to supply me with proper shoes for a person with deformed feet, pes cavis and muscle weakness, when i failed initially look at what happens.

the fall over the past few days now will have me immobile again.
if its not done directly by lack of provision of a wheelchair it wil be done by accidents.

we had also as i have said, dodgy stuff with regard to the wheelchair provisions.

i am sick of it and the amount of pain i am now in.
its horrendous.
the muscles are torn since march and no one is assisting me, i believe i should be having physio, well where is it?

this is called neglect, lack of care and also a disregard for human safety and against all human rights and disabled persons rights under the Disability Act 2005.
surely to god i count?
surely to god health care provision is not to cause harm but to prevent it!

i charge the HSE with wanton distruction of my life.
I charge the HSE with neglect
I charge the HSE with dangerous behaviours and appliances leading to injury which can never be repaired.
i charge the hSE with causing grievious bodily harm when it is not in their remit to do so.

they should be strung up.
i am so injured now i cannot walk at all and i cannot even lift my chihuahuas.
but having to engage as normally as i can i am increasing the pain levels by ordinary living.

this is caused by the neglect.

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