Friday, November 14, 2014

what is the point of a health care system

please please tell me anyone who can...what is the reason for having a 'health care system' when its one that is from HELL and doesn't care?

what is the point of being sick and disabled and being intelligent enough to know how best your needs could be served if a health care system will not listen and certainly will never believe you, cos they know best.

tell me who is sitting in a wheelchair in the first place?
who is taking the medication?
who is being denied a full quality of life due to be so unwell all the time.
who is deaf and cannot hear a bloody thing unless from close range and even then with difficulty.

how can a health official say no obvious signs of deafness at an assessment when a clinical consultant does very sophisticated testing which shows that you have profound/severe hearing loss, so obviously i would trust the consultant on this one.
not a person in the village health centre who hears you speak from a couple of yards and sees you answer her questions so says, well no obvious signs of deafness but she (the client) states she uses hearing aids!
we do!

how would they like to be as deaf as a door post, never hear the sound of waves, birds, TV (neither bother anymore with the sound we read the subtitles and only watch TV programmes with them.)

can they too, feel the pain we in and are they wearing our morphine patches.
are they taking three pain meds a day.

are they wearing clapped out (HSE) shoes which cause such danger to me personally that i have incurred two snapped shoulder muscles, complete tears and now one Achilles tendon from going over on my ankles in shoes that are supposed to be orthotic supportive!

i have sustained serious injury and the most diabolical pain due to the provision of inappropriate footwear by the HSE.
i could have been killed going into a wall when the wheelchair i was in lost a wheel.

and they are the ones who are the experts?

can they be so when they give items that go into walls and down paths but end in the muck and leaves?
are they when the items cause more pain than ease the pain.
causes injury to a persons body and they are a health care provider (cutting costs so cutting corners)

i am truly sick of it all.
i charge this state with neglect of the least able they are instructed to support and act for, as citizens of this state, this is what i gave them a vote and mandate to do - to honor all citizens of Ireland be they sick or otherwise.
i charge this state for causing such neglect as to cause grievous bodily harm and i mean it, for what more could you do to a person but make all limbs of that person incapable of doing things it was doing before being provided with dodgy supportive aids.
how grievous is it, that i can no longer lift a chihuahua without severe pain from the floor surface to a sofa?
tell me, causing that kind of harm is a crime and nothing short of a crime.
tell me is causing such harm that i can no longer turn in bed using arms that are snapped at the top.
causing such harm i cannot get out of bed by using these arms without excruciating pain.

what more i charge the state with neglect by providing NO physiotherapy for me since the accident in MARCH when i fell and snapped the tendons in my shoulders.

this isn't health care, this is a slow, torturous end, on all fronts a slow torturous end and not an end in sight for it getting that much better either.

its time readers to show that you at least care, here are the triple whammy for you and i beg you to show such solidarity that it will make a difference to my life and that of my identical twin.

The petition is really important and could use our help. Click here to find out more and sign:

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