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the European Union and how it plays out for the 'little people'

i do believe we have a Union initiative.
its called European disabled - WIPE-OUT.'

because 'disability' is a dirty word.
its something that happens others.

it doesn't happen you.
Yet it does.

it can
it could
and it most probably will - in some shape or form, and when it does its then you wish that you had kept your finger on the pulse for the next generation and the next.

harsh austerity at the level of the vulnerable throughout Europe will impact on you - later, if not doing so already.

that is why being an active political force on a community setting can activate good policy around disability.
otherwise others are making the decisions when you least know about what, you may become sick, disabled or ill and there is a woopsie.

if others make the policies, they are WELL making these policies, and they too forget this fact, they are making policies of cut-backs and butchery towards the sick when they cannot hope to comprehend these actions because the ability to emphasize with disability is little in an able bodied person.
with a few exceptions of course, most have to 'feel' sick in order to understand.

the separateness of this type with say, water charges is simple, money can be felt by ALL, be they poor, middle income brackets or for the socialists amongst us which is a political ideology of working with the least well off, but it cannot impact on your health that is sickness and disability and will only directly impact on a family as a unit as a unit of payment that could be used for other areas when a family is so badly stretched to the limits.

the energy then of political force can be heard, can be understood by all.
it effects all.

disability doesn't.

the one mistake in all this of course, you are allowing others to make policy now that may effect you or your family in years to come.
those affected now are not your family but someone Else's, you usually cannot feel their pain, unless of course its your family!

that is why the fumes of toxic gases herein are toxic yes, but only if you know about it.
like radon gas you do not feel it, until you are dead - so.

when people say that all are worn down by years of austerity.
but tell me how many of you who read this blog can comprehend that Ireland who has given more to the bail-out than any other nation within the whole EU has also the lowest poverty rates for the disabled in the whole of Europe.

with one of the highest cost of living, it provides for the sick and disabled so badly there is permanent economic distress.
you will have not only the stress of basic costs everyone incurs but you have the bonus points of disability.
the charges many will never face because they may never be disabled.

when you have a health service that is  non functioning, as in dysfunctional and corrupt, which is disconnected and obscene which provides Nada to the sick and disabled the situation of basics as in living in a minor way as opposed to a normal way are hardly achievable.

disabled people in Ireland, unsupported by the Irish people have gone into a hole of apathy and despair.
we have done so because the fight is endless, draining and seems to produce nothing at the end of it.

something tells me i cannot do this.
give up.
i cannot sort of just forget the wrongs occurring in Irish society in the general domain of disability.
i cannot be bought off by large groups of people out of the poverty trap and so shut mouth and never be heard again.
People are NOT as vocal now within the disability groups because the voice isn't allowed.
In Irish society and the health services, you cannot be heard as a person with a disability.

Here is the way it goes OK.

1.  you request a better, functional wheelchair, one that does not run away with you or hit walls without wheels.
2.  you tell people what happened, via the media and through links with the Department of health.
3.  you go on radio.
4.  you sit out side dail in pink hats.

what you will never see is the despair all this engenders because of the very vicious approach to you as an individual.

the HSE dig very deep to uphold the collective Will to destroy that voice in you so that they can silence you and be shut of you and keep you at a certain distance.

three years on you are getting no where fast but some believe you are telling the story for many therefore it will sink in somewhere that Irish health care is poor, creates more pain then it helps lessen and therefore its all worthwhile.

but action is short on the ground right now.
we have a situation where the HSE are playing the game, 'do not give in to those feckers, the Kennedy twins'

while you are telling the media and the department of health the reality on the ground they are pushing pens to write vile letters to you personally and all the while responding to the accusations we present with rather a flourish.

'they have been expertly assessed as having wheelchairs that suit their needs'.
this seem to work on some levels.
but half are not fooled simply because the HSE is known for its deviousness and it doesn't go unnoticed how dysfunctional the HSE is.
the problem is they are quite plausible.

Powered wheelchairs can be described as:

Indoor use only

  • For indoor use
  • Small turning circle
  • Could be used on a level patio area or in a small, level garden
  • Short distance range

I put the above in here, because this is the type that ran away with me, its mentioned above on the site and even a picture of MINE can be seen there, it was never meant to be outdoors enjoying a country smooth pathway because its not designed for this.  its of very basic limited use.
They do not tell you that the expert assessments for the right equipment was the equipment that went into a wall losing a wheel when the wheels were put on by the wrong bolts and was 11yrs old!

What is a Wheelchair Seating Assessment?

Wheelchair seating and mobility is a technical and specialized area of Occupational Therapy. The therapist must have a good understanding of not only the physical and functional needs of their client but also of the current technology available in order to choose the equipment that is best suited to your needs.

Above found on Therapy plus ca 

they will leave that bit out.
so too their expert assessment will never included where it was conducted, how it was done and what small nuggets of useful information they care to leave out, eg we stuffed a roll of her scarf under her bottom and saw that once we did that she shifted more or less upright, for the ten minutes remaining of the assessment.

they will not tell you that the wheelchair they provide is actually an indoor lightweight not meant to be driven outdoors on awful terrain or even not so awful otherwise it will run away with you.

Avoid sharp turns at high speed as this could result in the powerchair tipping over. This is especially relevant when turning on a gradient.
The powerchair has been designed for use on gradients up to 1 in 6 (10%). However, other factors such as the surface of the gradient or the attributes of the user can vary this figure. If you are in any doubt about going up or down a gradient please find an alternative route.
Please slow down when driving on gradients.

This is found in the manual for my wheelchair.  well, its online but i have no copy of any manual.

the next thing i am expecting is not to be on a losing flyaway but being tipped out of the thing and incurring an injury.

they will not tell you either that they have heard from the disabled person in utter anguish that the person reports suicidal ideation and has actually attempted suicide as a vulnerable young adult and very nearly succeeded on more than one occasion.

they do not even see that at 62 with a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that my needs are not like others, that i do actually need a better wheelchair.

the most worrying factor being...most of the people dealing with wheelchairs, don't seem to understand the item, they do not seem to understand the different kinds, and i mean this because we have tested this knowledge and they have been unaware.
they do not know how to power one up or how to turn one on.
these are our Occupational therapists, they should even know that basic, but they do not.

a letter was received today.
decision making time by the new disability manager of the area HSE she AB tells me that a wheelchair that suits my needs has been provided.

waiting news of Newcastle and further reports.
well they did the assessments without any reports whatsoever you know.  they asked for none and made vital decisions without even knowing what was wrong with us.

that's how good they are.
this is how dreadful it gets.

but you who are not disabled at present, cuts are being made every single budget and by the time you or your loved one becomes disabled, you may be a bit weepy because by then they will take your disabled or yourself, line you to the therapeutic line - and shoot you dead.

they did that before and that's where its heading.
i am dead serious.

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