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activist on the irish health system and expert!

it is important to say that i am an activist.
its important, important to say there are good people who are the owls and the peregrines around.

it is also important to say i am both the peregrine falcon and the owl.
my eyes are extremely good and my talons sharp, like the rat that got caught out in my garden by this magnificent beast the peregrine.

meat is necessary for nourishment, meat is vital to life, the sharpness and alertness warns you both of food and danger.
you have to be both as a sick individual in the irish healthcare system.
we have an owl and peregrine alright and the talons are sharp, very sharp.

when policy is written in ireland, its written.
it doesn't mean more than that.
we do not 'do' action very well, we can not do action at all well.
the meat seems not necessary and the bird is not hungry enough to sharpen them claws, to fine tune and stave off hunger.

the direct opposite is true of the patient.
the awareness, the complete turning of head is absolutely crucial for being sick, the talons may have worn down by illness and disease, but activist mode will keep that which is left, sharp as a knife and will wound like hell the lack-lustre.

my allegories are sharp today ann.

i am vulture mode.
we are a useless set of feckers in this country and the way we observe and also treat health is about as diseased as it can get.
why does no one at all care about healthcare here?
why are we letting the starvation of care (meat catching) happen?
its a conspiracy of the well and the affluent.

otherwise them talons will sharpen pretty swiftly if you get sick here.
its a nasty disease this one, the lack of care.
its a disease of birds flying every which way and are getting confused about which species they belong to, but right now most are ostriches, and most are flightless, eggits.

we are laying bare a situation that is frightening because we have reached that point of almost no return, when systems fail to such a degree the atmosphere hots up and we cannot claw our way back to expertise on a wing and a prayer.
todays Irish Independent shows that a lady being wooed back to do nursing simply said, 'no thanks, your backward.'
this is the reality no one seems to be waking up to in Ireland and no one cares.

did you know that once upon a time the community had a surveilance scheme for the nursing care staff in the community.
this was to keep an eye on all the elderly in a catchment area, this is no more.
instead they have a social worker dealing full time with elder abuse.
but this is a danger after the fact.
if you do not carry out surveillance you are mopping up the mess of abuse after it has occurred.

how much involvement is your primary care nurse in children's healthcare needs and at what stages of life.
well all under a certain age are watched like hawks by the nurses, then more then 800 can be on the list for part time staff or job sharing staff, they also have to do the eye testing in the schools and probably the hearing also.
they also may be involved in vaccination screening and monitering.

with staff shortages where the hell do they find the time to deal with the rest of society.
what happens when the under 6's scheme comes in, how much actual time can be clawed back in for the other vulnerable groups and not the healthy?

when we look at what we have right now its clear.
very clear.
the top of the pyramid has ordered the following or this is the way i see it as i observe, remember like the owl, the head turns on its axis and is casing the joint so to speak.

the HSE has now been told to recycle just about everything.
i heard of a case of a guy, young with cerebral palsy using a HSE frame had to go buy his own, why? the rollator lost a wheel and it ditched i guess, and the guy alongside.
this necessitated a risk assessment.
well i lost a wheel off a powered wheelchair, and i went into a wall.
i didn't even get a query if i was ok, let alone a risk assessment.
but i got an assessment of the banger alright.
it was 11yrs old, had no suspension coils, a lot of duct tape and wheels put on with the wrong bolts.

so thats the money side of equipment.
in this area we have no social worker, except for the elder abuse.
we have no psychologist except a counselling service where you get a blast of twelve sessions and then you can commit that suicide.   i kid you not!
we have no OT in this area
no OT manager, just a half a one.

we have tail chasing and crash courses, and mop up jobs all over the place.
there ain't no system at all.

just don't spend money, don't employ staff, don't answer phones, don't provide.

now this is an interesting one too.
you cannot advocate within the HSe.
that is you cannot create a fuss if you feel a client is in need, you cannot sort of say its all wrong and blah blah blah and you cannot have a meltdown on behalf of a client, you cannot write a report of your own it has to go through managers and the legal department, you cannot allow the HSE to be caught out.
you have to keep the 'family' ethos mafiosi style.
you simply lay low do that little job and do not rock the boat.
the morale is at an all time low and the pressures are great.

i am not to believe they cannot be sacked.
they can actually and they can be got rid of if they speak out of turn, do not tow the party line, that is 'whip whip' style.
you can be accused of being not fit for the job or purpose, there you go, you are sacked.

this isn't care, this isn't a health service, this isn't nice nor morally just or correct.
i laugh when i see on their websites, 'the client usually knows more about their own condition therefore you must be open to them and must ask them 'is there anything i can do for you.'
well what they say behind close doors seems to be 'do feck all and shut up and just get on donkey style and do nada'.
we have to do this, they say.
a strange juxaposition of shoes far too painful to wear as i load my wheelchair in wooly slippers and where do i load my wheelchair, at the house of power, which is over riding expenditure on healthcare.
no this isnt mongolia nor is it the buckingham palace, its the senead and a room adjacent to the bar.

we have to save on the budgets, see.
this isnt a bar stool, but i may come crashing, this my friend is my sofa and disabled people once were able to get 'sofa risers' to help them get out of them, but no not here anymore so what do i use - nhs bed risers, which my twin had left over from living in the UK.  we are seriously endangered as a species.
so do nada
again my friend do not worry too much about the stats, that is information on expenditure, they mean nothing, they are makie uppie, yes they are makie uppie.
this is being told by the universities, 'ah sure that means nothing, doesn't make sense, its all made up as they go along.

so is this a care system.
no its called the famous lipstick gloss, its glossy nothing and people's lives are in danger.
this i mean seriously, we are off the watch and people are suffering so badly it beggars belief there isn't war on the streets about the relatives and friends being so denied even basic healthcare across the divides, of community care, mental health, emergency healthcare as in A'E and specialities, and major operations and cancer and neurological illness and degenerative diseases.

 i will leave you with a piece of knowledge called 'meat' that is worth digesting because once that bit is in there the belly the hunger demands more and will hopefully pull the wool away from your eyes, sharpen the talons and grease up the neck muscles.
can i borrow your rolls for a few days, this thing is fucked?
here it is.
according to Prof. Orla Hardiman, there are more neurologists in Mongolia then there is in the Repulic of Ireland.
Now thats sort of numbing isnt it?
how many of you knew that yesterday was "international brain awareness day"  ah sure i barely did, i was conked out with exhaustion with a neurodegenerative disease so rare they haven't a clue what is going wrong.
but hey i got a diagnosis, of sorts, yes i can declare i have mitochondrial disease and i am fucked.
why, because its not what the HSE have down as a disease!
they only have the ones they know.
so this should be fun as to where we go with this knowledge.
we can forget that there is new policy guidelines now launched for Rare diseases in ireland.
i will be dead before that policy is ever implemented.  its only about how to find out where and what the rare diseases are, thats all, we are only at that stage in life for medicine, one is CF by the way and we are a country with the hightest per capita in the world.
but like 'vision for change' which was brought out as a working policy 15yrs ago, well its still a vision, like everything else.  Its gone no where but gathering dust in the NDA which will tell you all about it but wont tell you its dead as a dodo.
you have a right to fear in ireland, you really do.
i just hope you don't get too sick cos reality hits very hard so it does.
the irish 'outer mongolia' healthcare bareness

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