Tuesday, July 7, 2015

HSE again and Ireland of the 'modern age'

many commentators may find my blog less than uplifting.
truth isnt about making people happy but ideals do.

when you can say something positive about humanity and treatment of the sick and poor and the downtrodden then we can feel uplifted and rightly so.

until then many a blog begins pretty much in the same way.

Lets look at this slightly differently, with maybe less of the moan, more of aspirations, hopes, chances and change.

it is about wish listing.  It is about accountability and taking charge, taking responsibility and 'sorting the mess.'

this goes without saying.
media now is reporting daily abuse in all our centres for vulnerable people.
its hard to feel uplifted if change isnt coming.
I feel further investigations and enquiries are one thing, they also cost a lot of money.
but education, more educated and more populated places for the care homes would be the better way of spending money.
also the need to sack managers and wrongdoers instantly without question has to be the way to go to stem the tide of constant abuse.
very few are being 'shown the door.'
and less at the top are being sacked, most of what we hear in recent months are sackable offences, closures until messes are sorted and someone owns their own responsibility to sort the mess, throw out the abusers and bring in a staff that actually want to do some caring for a change.

education too is important because you know most with a disability were either born that way or acquired the conditions they have, these were not inflicted through malice, but rather through love, therefore we have to honor the love we committed to in bringing a child into the world for better or for worse.

most cases of mishandling within the HSE takes an interminable time.  arguements and denial go on for months on end, entreties to people to help is met with the statement of lily white and stock answers to all.
the adeptness of this is huge.
they themselves have learnt well to cover their tracks and behaviours, so this endemic response is another aspect of the HSE that they must begin to stop.
instead of doing this, protracting the course of solutions through denial is in no ones favour and expensive for all.
a lot of people become involved in each case and its like a rolling stone gathering moss.
more and more people are in this 'racket' of shoring up each other.

to bring a bit of sense and hope to it, i really think ireland has to consider how procrastination in decision making holds us back to be in a better place.
also to consider that making excuses are seen as just that by most, making excuses.

you usually cannot cover up wrongdoing no matter how much you try people usually are sensible and either laugh on the sidelines or get angry too.
but most of all for vulnerable people who need a lot of changes made in their lives for happiness and health are losing valuable time to engage in a type of quality of life that the HSE talk about within all their websites.

i have found it shocking some of the stuff they put up as 'policy' because its a lie, facing the world through the internet with the diatribe i see, is lying to those who may in the future consider Ireland a home to be living in.

i would rather people know the truth about healthcare.
it is becoming a known fact here in ireland that its not sustainable, its not safe, indeed its very dangerous and becoming more so.

telling the world we are a great little country is one thing,
showing rolling hills and valleys is not showing the rolling stones gathering moss.

its not showing the deep levels huge institutions will go to and actions taken to avoid one thing - owning responsibility, changing ways, and changing lives for the better.

this is what healthcare is about.

quality of life is everyones wish.
but trashing a person down so low that the depression on waking daily is so terrible you wish you were dead or didnt have to face more of the same and unfortunately the writer of this blog has faced this now for well over a decade and i am not getting younger.

i want to feel hope and feel that i can live again.
i want to feel that blogging anger and pain and the truth of the politics of healthcare in ireland can change to dialogue about maybe the arts, film, and the creative use towards everyones life, including my own.

its a better life to be doing that.
this is not chosen as a burning drive to inform, its chosen out of the hurt, pain and damage the treatment of the HSE towards two sick and older ladies has caused.
two women who wonder if they are able now to get their lives back into shape.
has far too much happened for them to pick up their lives and live again or will trauma led the way to the grave.
one two institutions can decide whether the triumph and hope of two women who are well in mind can be a part of society again, as they wish to be and how they wish to be.
they must decide how quickly they feel we deserve this and how they can redress what has happened.
they are now the HSE and the Irish Government.
both must decide that treating people badly is never something that will go unspoken about, because always it will be heard.
as in this instance.
no one in their right minds would hold this in as acceptable.
the people who want to make changes to the dynamic of change within ireland healthcare have the duty to speak out on abuse, damage hurt and wrong doing.
this is called Civic duty to show they care by speaking of all they know, if its wrong it must be heard and put right.

this is called a modern society caring for all.
i am waiting, waiting for a lot of changes to the Irish healthcare system and also i have to say for a deep change in thinking about the least able, who no, didnt bring down countries, but who are here because its about human beings been born daily warts and all, and all have a purpose and intent.
its not a judgement that the least able are actually worsening the lives of the rich and middle income bracket, its the opposite, the rich and middle income bracket dont care enough about the people most vulnerable.
the angry cry to become motivate and move a mountain is one i place on everyone who reads this blog to do.
engage in wrong doing and put it right through protest its the only way when no one wants to be shamed into how they work.
we must protest wrongdoing to vulnerable people every where we see it.

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