Thursday, January 21, 2016

amazing hse policy documents

well, looking for my Crawford College of Art results which was akin to the cert my twin has just completely i pulled out reems of paper.
they were HSE policy documents.

these make fascinating reading, utterly fascinating.
talk about shooting themselves in the feet!!

Risk and incidents that can harm, will harm, does harm etc et al.

  • safety Incident Management Policy comes under Dr. Philip Crowley's office!
  • integrated Risk Management Pollicy 
  • risk assessment tool and guidance (including guidance on application)
  • vexatious complaints - dealing with policy- actually used against me but complaint upheld and i received an apology
Trust in Care - DFI  2005 I am unsure if this still is policy or has been replaced by another, highly possible as the HSE adore their policy making.

Mobility aids

  • HSE policy on provision of powered mobility equiptment (PME) for adult
Referral & Waiting list management in care of older people
(i will refer back to this)
Referral & waiting list management for appliances
Waiting list management in COP physiotherapy services

I WOULD COME UNDER PRIORITY P2 FOR MANAGEMENT IN COP PHSYIOTHERAPY SERVICES YET GET NONE AT ALL and all should be screened for class work, eg gym based balance classes (giggle giggle)  group seated exercise classes regularly as time permits ie once/twice a month following individual assessment and screening (giggle giggle)
Upper limb classes with Senior Occupational therapists (giggle giggle)
  • 5.3 Priority P1/Urgent waiting list clients should, where possible be seen within 1-3 working weeks of receipt of referral due to current staffing levels.  FASCINATING - HOW MANY FALLS FROM BADLY FITTING SHOES DO YOU NEED NOT TO BE URGENTLY SENT TO A SPECIAL SHOE AND GAIT ANALYSIS AND FOOT AND SHOE CLINIC AND NOT REPEATEDLY BACK TO AN ORDINARY PODIATRIST IN THE SMALL VILLAGE
as i do not come under PI i receive care as standard, which means none at all!

References :  National Health Strategy-Quality and Fairness 2001
                      European Core Standards of Physiotherapy Practise (2008)
                      European Physiotherapy Services Standards (2003)

I have the European core standards of Physiotherapy which is a reference for us in ireland

i also have - wait for it - Quality and Fairness - a Health System for YOU!

Primary Care - a New Direction.  these two documents came in with Bertie and also Michael martin as minister for health - er, was he ever minister for health?  god i forget!

anyway these are all tomes, and yes the first few bar the last two are in date, whatever happened the second two, i believe are still in operation as i received them from HSe.
so they must be or else, i am being lied to again by having them sending me the flotsam lying around their offices.

when we look at the physiotherapy time frames etc of the HSE, these are reviewed and signed off by all in this area, but also in my last area, because i know the managers.

if this is the case then all would have been able to get all the details to my malaise and circumstances through correspondence because they are so intrinsically inter-connected indeed the two areas of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown and Wicklow were and remain under the same primary care team leaders.

two separate individuals both men made contact with me today, both with grieviences with the HSE.
both suffering.
both inform me that the HSE lie, that they do not trust the HSE.
so its not only myself.
its endemic that the HSE is that big baddy all hate so much, yet why are they not trying to make it better.
well for instance, i am in constant contact with what i percieve and see as a 'good guy' in the office of Dr. Pat Crowley, but if he is in the same office in charge of quality and risk and therefore risk assessment as it states risk assessment is then why isnt he doing something about all i have spoken to him about, if the primary oversear to risk and quality is this office my complaints are not being therefore dealt with and i am in no better a situation and i am continually being harmed.

eg four pairs of shoes harmed me, therefore i am at risk from the HSE and still am!
i rest my case furious.
with the HSE and i am not the only one calling them liars at all!

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