Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In this blighted house: Ireland's abuse of disabled citizens

In this blighted house: Ireland's abuse of disabled citizens: In 2003 I whistle-blew abuse of learning disabled people at the Brothers of Charity Galway. after which, with prolonged lobbying by myself ...

My twin sister has written a decisive and contemplative piece on a true picture on ireland today.

remember we are now about to celebrate 100 years of freedom.

that seems to be a bit lost on myself who feels oppression, irish style is still alive and well.  we are oppressed by our own.

if you feel strong enough to say it as it is, you are blacklisted and blamed and recieve worst care than those who humbly and meekly take it on the chin.

abuse in the community through individuals in power or holding too much power without knowing their own personal and professional boundaries is rife.

they seem to have a personal belief that what they say is in fact what should be done, without any reference point other than a belief beyond their remit in the job they are in and a belief that the next in command will approve what they do and anyway even if they do not, they will be shored up and left in a position of not having to face accountability.

either way you are on to a winner.

you come down heavy on a person who is vulnerable, sick or disabled.

you realise you should not have but with the HSE they have a strange way of acting once they know wrong has been committed.

they build up the defense forces, all of them.

they do not rationally sit down and say 'i am to blame' and simply stop the act and the progression of acts against the wronged victim.

its not a difficult thing to do actually.

its a braver thing to do to admit your mistakes and learn from them than to hide behind organisations, legal teams and each other shoring up a wrong doing and one thing in being brave is, it makes you strong.

those who slidder and slide in the mud of corruption and deceit and confusion can see no clarity, no way forward, no way back but continue to slider and slide.

but to stop it is the easier action.

when sick people feel they have to place their views on a health care system because they feel strongly about it, of course we will receive the bad treatment, for that is what happens in this country.

but to make changes i believe it has to be done.

My belief is the HSE is an entity that is so big now one cannot see the dividing line between the water, the shore, the sky and the land.  no one really knows what is happening.

i would break down the hse into chunks, not districts.

there should be some areas of health not dealt with at all by the HSE.

there should be divisions with their own spending power to work for the group they support and have to be accountable to.

budgets should be made for each chunk of healthcare not taking a part of the budget when another part of care is low on funds and shifting money around and before you know it, its spent and usually in the wrong service.

such a system of shunting cash around from billy to jack is a lunacy.

you cannot manage any system in this way.

you ring fence money, you keep it there and you do not let it walk.

of power.

we have those who are crazed by power.

power corrupts.

i believe we now have systems in ireland that have become out of hand.

if its a political voice i want to hear, its those that say Ireland is a small country and should be able to manage its own.

but if you have the managers runnning amok then we have little hope for change.

i charge the political groups to name their tactics to deal with abuse of power, abuse of sick, elderly and disabled and abuse of the healthcare system for the irish people.

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