Friday, February 12, 2016

Ireland zero medicine for the poor

it basically comes down to that!
ann and margaret Kennedy will not be stuffed artwork on in a spaceship cavern devoted to odd bits and pieces, so stuffed Ann is on the left and stuffed Margaret is on the right and we say to the Irish healthcare system - you are not going to snuff us.
if you have health insurance you are seen straight away by any consultant you wish to see.
it is smooth running, it lacks the abusive narrative that is in the public healthcare system and it lacks the delays for months even years to get some health issue sorted.
if you have a healthcare system like we do and you say nothing, do nothing and accept it, then you will have the healthcare system we have.
the system of public health care is  a positively good one.  in theory.
the best system in the world was once the NHS.

but privatizing health means those who can afford the doctors can get care, assistance, treatment, medicine and auxillary care.
those who do not have wealth or insurance have to beg for it, or in some cases scream for it.

the only way for the Irish poor to get help and care is to make it known everywhere about the situation.
mothers go on TV, they put articles in newpapers, they attempt to get care for their children.

but what upsets me the most is the 'put-downs' mostly by doctors, the managers of our HSE and the ones who feel us poor do not deserve it.
when i got sick first i was left by the doctors. there i was in that bed and left.  no one would do anything.  they are beginning the same tack now, but watched the two whacky's at the top of this blog, you wont snuff this one out or the other, for that matter!
no i did not give up.  my first OUT was to the Lupus Centre UK where i was immediately diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome, but more was to come, but only from outside Ireland
the abuse of power is when a sick person begs and is tossed aside.
a sick person cries and is labelled hysterical.
this is not for the feint hearted, but if you need the water for your body pain you will do it, no its not safe, but who cares.  i have been doing this for three years, until very very recently.
a chronically ill person screams, they are abusive.

what are these sick poor trying to do?
get healthcare.

no poor sick person ever wished to be enemy no 1 and never were to anyone when well.
but once sick and no help around they can be labelled as the enemy.
this happens in ireland alot.

but those with insurance sail through the process.
they do not have to face snide comments, rudeness, abusive and dismissive doctors and clinicians.

they will get 'real' physiotherapy where as the poor will get a print out.
they will get real help whereas the poor will have to prove they are sick, and that actually is harder here than can ever be imagined.
about a year ago i fell and hurt my hand, but with no bandaid or pin i found 'mito ribbons' ah sure they are grand and fancy!  and so are my two babies, Ana and Maggie - NO - they are rescue chihuahuas, rehomed a year apart and they came with their names!
you can be very sick and still not get care.

i will take every opportunity to tell my blogging readers -

the fight is on still for better wheelchairs, i am in the one which lost its wheel and i was bolted into a very hard wall, as the wheel rolled along the road in the opposite direction.
interesting piece in the newspapers, as they try to whip my wheelchair, i have other ideas - i went to the Media

it doesnt always have to be a complementary image but it will be an image with meaning - i have been through a lot in the past five years - all due to the HSE our healthcare system

my twin and i have a bit of a waltz - time moves on - its tougher now, we are sicker - BUT......

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