Sunday, December 15, 2013

bankers, bailouts, charity and disability - dirty words

to me, fighting is the disease of being who i am.
it reluctantly is part of practise, part of knowing there seems no other way.

what do you think i may be fighting over?
it isnt anything that most would be because this part of most lives is relatively well managed and controlled so that it isnt a difficulty problem or either isnt really on a personal agenda.

one day it could be.

when that comes, dont say i didnt warn you because then the disease will sicken you to the core and leave you war weary for ever more.
there isnt a let up once it sets in.

bailout glory is not the glory of the people.
its a glory of 'construct' to the powerful and to those that way to feel 'better' rather than 'dutiful' and 'caring'
being a politician exhonorates you of the latter entirely.

but then who is dutiful and caring.
the people.
get together and raise money to fill gaps but the gaps should not be there, because the money is there.
funny no one knew this!
the diseased did!
once you try to surgically remove this disease new thoughts are coming to the fore, and further investigations take place.
everyone with the disease do investigate and themore they do the worse it appears.

occassionally we see it set in stone in the media.
how long it stays in the collective concience is a bit less well determined.
i should think not long because collectively we are not such a diseased nation to allow it impinge on personal life.
but here it is, stated in the media and not for the first time.
this is a warning.
that the disease will in Budget 2014 are being cut services further, care packages, equiptment and much more will never be available again.
the government of the day are abjucating their responsibilty but causing a culture of vultures in a sector that never was to be a business nor a top up on the citizens of the state who are affected by disease.
Disease here i mean three things and very forcibly i state it effects every family in the land.
its called disability, becoming part of the elder section and being very vulnerable, sod it if you fall into all these catagories as i do as too my twin sister, who still fight the disease and the cuts
we still on the fight for the powered wheelchairs which are as in this article states part of our rights for nothing has changed bar the fact we are losing ability to walk!
please read how eloquently it is put here and excuse the typos in this missive, too tired to go back and correct this time.
talk soon

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