Monday, December 23, 2013

there is more in society than children of the future

why in ireland do we worship the children so?
we give all under five a free medical card INSTANTLY, its illogical.
we give all babies and mothers such profound care in the public health system that the poor nurses do nothing more than baby clinics for everything these days, leaving vast amounts of vulnerable unattended at a fragile part of their own lives.
Mothers and Babies actually do very well in this country, there will always be some that are not doing so well.
but we do know for sure, most people in the catagory of disability, ill health and old age are not doing well at all.

Let me consider one group as a group but they are indivduals, equal to you and i.
they are what we call 'the elderly'
remember too, that no one is 'disabled,'  no one is 'vunerable'  no one is 'needy.'

why do i say this?
because these are labels.
we are People living from birth til death.
when adverse circumstances occur we are pigeoned then, so that we are 'seen' easily or in most cases not so easily.

we lose part of SELF when we become part of 'disabled,' 'elderly' vulnerable and needy.

we are all humans.

so why then do we forget my biggest group for worry, the elderly?
tell me why it is ok never to think of the elderly as needing as much if not more care than the under fives?
why are we ignoring the parents of the generation that now has under fives.
are we actually forgetting them for a reason and if we know the reason will someone tell me after they have read this.

because when we 'forget' these groups, and the elderly are about the most powerful. we forget what they can offer society.
no, we may have to pay for it, but then all service providers do get paid!
what is the wealth of the elderly?
how valuable is it?
it is vast.
the elderly oose wisdom, through their ways of getting by, the ways of passing time, the ways of education, detection, instruction, giving and seeing.
they will have seen far more than an under five, therefore they could give the children who have past five to say under ten a wealth of experience of how it can be done, if modernity has worked.
because not all in the modern age is working.

certainly to produce mini emperors and queens, is not going to benefit society long term, for its an unbalance view which will become a type of psychopathy and sociopathy, people will actually not be able to feel for another, if they believe only they count, and thats what we are now producing.
children who are made to believe only they count and that the world revolves around themselves.
they are going to get a great land when they reached 60 and onwards.
they will be dumped, and by the time they get possibly a decade earlier than this the way society is running so fast they will be dumped sooner or exterminated as useless sooner.

they then will forget that they created this for themselves.
what the elderly can and do do for us is pull in the reins and make us think of consequences.
and the consequences of divorcing from family of all ages.
within the group i speak there is unspeakable loneliness and global neglect.
not only have the children abandoned the very people who have given them everything so too has the government and society.
we corral the elderly into nursing homes.
these are not homes by any stretch of the imagination.
they are a form of control for cost effectiveness, and even that isnt working because its not cost effective.
the children of the day think the elderly are cared for in these places.
they are not.
the only thing that happens in these places is, that they are kept alive longer, to realise how lonely they are, longer.
and we do this to them.
instead they should be in the hive of activity,the centre of the family, embraced for their contribution which is anything but small.
they should be in their homes, with the help we can give them, not neglect and distain for staying alive longer.
we are creating a society that breeds neglect at every level.
and when this happens society not only loses soul but loses the chance to fully understand.
we are producing a society where more and more are bored, lonely and on their own for too long each and every day.

if we could understand more about why elderly are important, we can make their lives a living joy and healthy living for their end.
rather than the misery that detachment from this group has caused, this same detachment coming sooner with each generation until not only do we have the misery of detachment, loneliness but the misery of living, sooner rather than later.

we must embrace everyone as equal, and that means our elderly.
our grandparents and parents all those who never married, the aunts and uncles and then we all will truely be alive with connectedness to the wealth that if variety in the human experience.

embrace the elderly for Being human is being alive and being elderly is being human wanting to be alive.

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