Saturday, September 3, 2011

Organising your last 'phase' in life

I am calling this my 'wake up call' blog.
its not just about myself, its everyone and it is everyone because all countries, all states and all health systems and economic structuring are mitigating against 'difference and disability.\
if you cannot provide in the mix of the economic financial coffers, you are in effect, a burden to the state.
where democracy is going in all this is beyond me.
the thinking now in all countries is 'walk over, walk by and think not of those less able.\
This is FACT!
not a comment, an off the cuff comment by an aggrieved single person with a disability.
No, this is FACT.  If i was not such a disabled person i would still say it as FACT.
and why?
I am THE expert on 'Differenct' i am a living different person!
i live in the lower as it appears, stratum of society.
I am disabled, single, unemployed, on benefits, in social housing and compromised with poor sight, hearing and psychological make up, i am apserger!
so do i qualify amply to say what i say.
How can any other than the lower stratum speak of such things?
for a person entering a Life less Lived, i had to struggle with the economics.  I started in the decline of the 70's which saw my twin leave due to the 'state of the nation' and i pretty much end in the complete and utter bottomed out state, and i end on the bottom literally and metaphorically.
Nothing changed for me from the 70's. there was no meteoric rise out of poverty and disadvantage and most of the Life Less Lived was trying to do just this, get up there Ann and be with the best of them"
Didnt make it folks, and made enemies on the way.
That is Big time enemies.
try overcome basic truths, yep - i was a slasher in the Life Less Lived, slashed though the corn fields of rich abundance like a field mouse, with teeth!
i slashed my way to the A&E's that is our wonderful health system.
i was stitched and sent away.
i overdosed, pumped and sent away.
i drank into a comatose state, nearly entered a Life FAR BETTER to live and sent away.
i entered that zone of the 'Near Death experience" and sent on my way.
Tis was a pretty practised structure for me to get out of the brain of unbearable discomfort to Live this Life Less Lived.
it was decidedly uncomfortable to life at all, period.
So what have i friggin learnt?
well for starters, there are a lot of people like myself.
Not EXACTLY like myself but pretty much, we are collectively the sort of scrap-heap, you know, "ah here comes trouble"
do anyone really understand what they say when they say this.
For them such as i might be perceived as Trouble, for me i was damn and darn troubled, i was troubled and i caused trouble being so trouble.
Does that make me less, i mean apart from the difference I am still pretty much the same as anyone else.
i have them bones, them blood and them brain, eyes and ears, some of which are and increasingly are completely and utterly dysfuctional.
that said, i just wanted to live in peace and feel part of the human race.
woe is me i dont feel anyone gave me half that chance.
try it when one has a dysfunctional body and well, did i mate, did i ask my mother and father to join up "one last time" to pro-create the magnificent?
well they got what they asked for, it is a well known fact that the mother didnt want any more than two and the mother attempted the Billings Method, oh yes, another tragedy of Roman Catholic thinking - and it is still ongoing as i speak.
so we have two, yep i have doubled up on this and big time.
we are two disabled ladies with a difference.
I even drive a singularly different van with pink and purple flowers on, not to cause trouble and a stir, but think it has, but because i liked this idea and fancied this idea and needed this idea to fulfil the fantastical within me.
brought a lot of smiles and leaping out at red traffic lights, did my flowers.
So where are we on the title?
Organising the last Phase?
Priority listing:
(top ten like)!
ONe must find a home...kinda important in the 'last phase,' and NO, it will not be a sheltered home.
secondly it is to arrange that i will be treated at human, lately come, as is the house!
this is, in the hospitals for now i really am physically dysfunctional so i kinda wanted that cared for.
my plan is NOT to go into the 'Near Death Experience' but many times i have been pushed to the laundry cupboard in the virtual wards of a lot of hospitals now.
I do not mate want the virtual wards.
next on the organisational front, is to corral the medics in one room and walls, for my sake not theirs.
i presently have a consultant in every hospital this side of dublin and one the other, the north side, considered on the south side as being far far away and just too far away and unthinkable!
so the next stage to get the above is sit down with the directors and matrons (whats left of that breed) and discuss the plans as in, treat this body and stop abusing her psyche, as done in the past.
it is also late in the day to be pursuading the medics that this woman here is not a basket case, but she isnt and my twin will attempt to prove it to them, in an effort to keep me alive.

see, i am a companion to the chihuahuas and my twin, much to everyone chagrin that i have not gone away, i am needed still ( I think) i will also ask my tiwn that, so that it is a proven fact.

Next please, i shall organise the WILL, yep.  One must prepare and organise.
My will will be the proven fact that I am alive and that i took note on Life Less LIved and for those who helped me along the way, there might be just reward and fruits.  But be of no illusion, for those that bottomed out on this one, there will be no pennies in the pot, period (again).
one such organised plot is to make sure i have one person who will keep me in the land of the lucid,the land of the intelligent and the land of what is actually the land of normal persons, (I am one of them, believe it or not)!
i have made a significant 'other' a 'power of authorny. This is significant.
the tenant of this Blog is to be a WARNING.  one must PrEPARE, and you know why cos there are a lot out there who want to stomp, in fact most now do a lot of stomping on others, and the others are that lot that is perceived trouble. the perceived troubled and trouble have the least ability to keep my country afloat so many want me and similar at the bottom of the ocean, and thus is the same in every state and country now on the planet.
so once the organisation is on steam one individual should be able to sniff the roses and listen to the birds.
and when my mortal coil is shook or shaken then the rest of the populace can, do pretty much as they please, for thats what they did when alive and thats what they will do when i am dead.
the moral of this blog being ORGANISE your LAST PHASE of LIfe like tripping to the MOON!

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