Friday, September 23, 2011

well i am where the 'riots were!'
East London.
this is a good dollup of medicine i have to say, today.
we do the rich thing by going to the Lupus Centre and get the boot camp type run over by the medic there, then you get the medicine.  East Hackney.
No surer place to put yourself in your place.
poverty here is reeking from the market stalls, is etched on the haggard faces of mostly the africans and the muslims around here.
young children have kids hanging out of them.  that is teenagers now entering the adult role and world prematurely.
but then they do that at home as well.  but here it just seems way beyond the odds that they will surmount the bloody agony of disadvantage, lack of resources and chances.
they now have a kid dependent on them.  some will have this in the solitary capacity of the unwed, single mother.
you can see in the melee around here, how riots happened in the first place.
this is a melting pot for diversity but all disadvantaged.
this is not a place that the good lord major will chose to see, walk or stutt the stuff of these people.
this is not the place where they can even imagine.
i am more lowly they they and i couldnt have imagined this sort of living if i had not done a bit of strutting along the roads here.
forget it mate, when you whine the pain of middle class angst against the world.
there is no whining here, they is laughter and fun and colour and mess.
but the mess too is seen in the shabby clothing, no it isnt shabby chique, when i see this word what will it mean to me again?
it will not be the chique part, if i have spelt that right.
to stress out a fashion wear or furniture is not acceptable around here, for it reflects not recycling in the most honoured, it is reflecting recycling as a necessity, not for a green good earth goer
i am quite sick now of difference when i see it everywhere.
give me please a society that will honour its people with education and equal opportunity.
democracy has not provided that, so what will?

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