Thursday, September 8, 2011

overload of thoughts and social comment

Ireland and small minded professionals.
whether i can say it is small mindedness, will be for another to confirm but to me it is just this usually based on ignorance and lack of confidence.
It DOES take confidence to face a system, which you know as an 'insider' is rotten and unjust.
to do so would require bravery to step above the parapet to state professional opinion.
we are not good at this here.
but within certain state ranks and our health service ranks this should not be so...for few get the sack on this long as people do not do outrageous things, irish professionals are not known to be doing outrageous things, especially in being proactive to ethics and morality and fair play.
the small mindedness is taking offense when someone points out to them that they are doing a bloody awful job, recently such a statement was made, yes, by myself to a health official.
i felt he was, being the local primary care team social worker he didnt even know the chief medical officer who 'weights' disabled tenants points for housing and on the rehousing lists and who can be contacted in times of crisis, but this bloke didnt even know who he was, even though he said he sent a letter in to him!
how can you do that if you dont know he exists?
this is a worse kind of ignorance.
to take offense of your professionalism being question and not terribly nicely, but one must transcend these personal attacks from traumatised women, as i was to try get meself out of bandit country.  they should be noted in context, firstly and this is done by assessing the trauma, viewing the persons state and needs and assessing why the person has been so obnoxious, firstly and is it from bloody viciousness or born out of stress. in my case it was borne out of stress and terror.
i apologised and explained further that i was no saint and cannot be a saint in adversity but did apologise for my remarks indeed and meant it!
therapy is being processed as we speak - for me not the victim of 'alledged abuse'  ah we have used a phrase i hate in this context!
words can be abusive, but does that make the conservation so wrong that it is considered abusing a person?
you can say a person has made an inappropiate personal attack, or a person has been hasty in their remark but can you call it down right abusive.
very few of outrageous comments are abusive, they are hurt full and out of order, abusive all depends but most dont come into that catagory, otherwise we would have the whole world up on abuse charges of a magnitude hither unknown.

Irish to be a triving new country and modern country, irish professional who have the qualifications and thus the courage of their status should grovelling and snivveling around their seniors, we are an age where team work in health service is what it is about.  a social worker should be able to voice as seriously as a consultant, and should have the means to change structures if they feel strongly about things.
they should also take it upon themselves to report incidents where she/he feels are being neglectful and be able to effect change.
not so to say to a victim that 'oh it wouldnt be my position to go to the minister for health.'
her boss would have to do that! so she cannot be independent of thought, ethic and nor independent in speech, surely this is not a democracy where the lowly worker has no say in the grander picture, especially when her say would be valuable for she is at the coal face of things.
on a note of query on this one, should anybody be extremely harrassed and traumatised in her neighbourhood have to pay rent for this priviledge?  why should a sick and vulnerable woman be accompanied to bed with a hammer on the sidetable?
why should a sick and disabled person pay for this priviledge via her disability pension.
she is pay to live in unsuitable social housing unit, its threatening to her psyche and body and she still has to pay for this.
what are the rights of the tenants in this case and also what are the duties of the landlord.
when a landlords states they will get over the difficulty of how and where i can do my physiotherpy programme promised at home, that promise to overcome inability to do this had not materialised and not much of the other suggestions made at the time been delivered.
two people sign a social housing agreement and i want to see the forms which we sign to see if i am the only one who should suffer!
out i want and out fast.
i want my shelter boarded up by the council and myself removed to a safe area/haven until i can secure my own home.
i am engaging in something to morrow that surely makes me more than a bit nervious.
this is proving quite hilarious at this point.
kinda bizzarre so i shall get back in her to be able to tell the tale.
take care

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