Saturday, August 10, 2013

Diplomatic endeavours huh?

       Introducing my companion for life - Ana Chi 
Yesterday was the day the two sides faced each other.
It was not exactly a shaking of hands but a realization on both parts - we think, only 'think!'
that the obscene dynamics of our health service providers to an individual had totally got out of hand.
someone somewhere had lost the run of themselves.
As a duo, my twin and i...she of Dr. Raging Wheels fame believe that a 'poached egg' and a 'woolly dog' did not amount to almost two years of sustained, inclusive and barbaric character assassination and labelling.
It did not warrant team meetings of all the major heads of (state)departments to ask and to discuss a matter of almost "What shall we do about Maria."
It did not warrant the suggestions that workshops would be held in the Health Centre to almost warn/teach and instruct from the top levels "what to do with Maria' and 'communication disconnect!'

Remember we are talking about a woman who challenged SLANDER of the most severe kind.
Remember that woman had left her home single handedly helped only by a disabled twin and she too sick, disabled, warn down and warn out and to shout at a provider of help that it wasn't on to leave twins, both in bed without providing even as much as a poached egg and walk out the door after playing for the hour in soap suds.

(that my friends i call 'the poached egg incident).'
the other 'incident' also saw, the same woman (oh that it would have been someone else here), scream and shout to attract her home helps to come out and try and get a woolly young dog off the road, as she was in serious danger of being DEAD MEAT!'

Thats all that happened in over two and a half years.
but that started a chain reaction of the highest order.

Who in this world can deal with having her name besmirched and denegrated.
being called this that and whatever without retaliation?
No one sits down under a label that is so derogatory it demanded withdrawal and an apology.  If not litigation!

No one will allow, if they are of sound mind, anyone, even absolute strangers call her names that are not true.
Put untruths into the public domain and run rampant through the health service that we have a problem with 'Maria!'

I stood up and asked all the above.
It has taken over one and three quarters of a year to demand this, and it has not happened yet.
It has taken one and and three quarters of a year of severe anquish, trauma (do they not think i had enough, losing my county fgs) and pain.
it saw a further deterioration in my physical health and it saw Insomnia set in so badly that i cannot get out of its grip.

Night after night wondering and screaming inside about INJUSTICE.
I still cannot understand the amount of time (tax payers money by the way`), the amount of paperwork, the amount of meetings, discussions, more paperwork and a trail of devastation to a person who was outside this professional confrontations and had to remain so and listen and hear the dreadful stuff bandied from department to department.

I say they wrote a bible on this.
they sure were the Matthew, Mark Luke and John.
it was evil.
just evil.
there isn't a better word.
there can be no softly softly approach to horrendous attitude and infiltration of inuendo to all who now are my care givers.

          I still want my name cleared.

Yesterday maybe was a peak of agreement.
that this had to sTOP, that Maria had to LIVE and let live.
that she should have appropiate wheelchair for her disability which doesn't lose a wheel on the way to the neurologist.
the acting head of the division has agreed.

this is good news.
this is the news i have been waiting for so long.

a year and a half or more after a poached egg incident and a woolly dog incident.

The labelling has to go.
there has been no further incidents.
No effort was made that there be no further incidents.
Maria was tired and exhausted and all over the place when she came down here.
so was a woolly dog.
We both have lived to tell the 'tail.'
but i want now to LIVE with an apology and an agreement - on paper, that the team will ensure that they get to know Maria, play on the same hymn sheet and all become a happy family by the lake.
will it happen?

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