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it isnt easy being a HSE twin

 This is NOT the offending chihuahua of the Tail below!
it isn't easy being the half of a 'liked' favoured twin, when you are dealing with the HSe.

I want to say here, my twin is not the one to blame.
She is innocent of any crime! So am I, fgs!

You would never know that in Holy Ireland when the HSE is in the top seat of the medical community care provision you are rightly f...if the HSE doesn't like you!

what irks me is and saddens me is the fact they split us up the way they do which hurts both twins very badly.
because every time they throw a dart, arrow, sword through my heart they do the same to my twin.

do not be mistaken about the HSE in ireland.
it is not a benevolent fund by any stretch of the imagination.

they are though the HSE, the Health Service executive.
note the exec in lower case.

it is and they are the people behind the provision of care, in the community and elsewhere to those least able.

My twin and i are increasingly less able.

Two and a half years ago, three incidents occurred.
I am afraid i was unfortunate to be at the helm of all.

the first was my chihuahua who is old, bit the new Home help before i was able to catch her when this person came to the hall door for the first time.

This is the Chihuahua offender - Old and now FAT!

now chihuahuas do not have big teeth and mine were nearly all gone, she is elderly and they simply rot away when they are small.

nonetheless she bit the home help!
But then i did the same!

this particular home help was about to leave the house.  my twin and i were in bed and i got up around 1am to see she was leaving.
but also she was leaving without providing even a cuppa for either twin nor i.

i barked.
she had not even put on some toast, kettle nor an egg!

you too would bark when you had shifted out of your county and was very ill, (the reason we had home help in the first place)!  To HELP, see.
So two down and one to go.

Another doggy incident.

this particular dog got out!
i screamed and roared for the home help to help me get this young puppy dog off the road where the cars were screaming by.
i dragged this dog in.
then my home help walked out.

i, since then have been labelled.
it is influencing my services in a major way and nothing is improving in all of two and a half years.

what it does to be 'outted' to the psyche doesn't bear thinking about.
you are in effect outted and left to fend alone.

you do not feel able to ring anyone in the community care centre if you are sad, depressed or lonely in your new home.

you are not able to even consider dropping in for they seem to all hide.

it was a beautiful day, but was my twin feeling poorly or lonely as we attempted a very short walk today?

my label is very extreme and very untrue. We are in Ireland, Ireland doesn't do anything fast.
it makes studies, reports and more reports.
it investigates then investigates the investigations.
but it doesn't take decisions easily.
they consult and consult and consult.
paper mountains begin to appear.
 More and more people are added to the intrigue.

 This leaves identical twin sisters one getting more services and a kinder approach and the other is getting, er, shit.

i am used to being treated badly.
it happened in the family of origin too.
i came to the rescue of the twin to try and get another relative off her land. (black woolly dog)?
I had been out of hospital less than three hours, and it was eight am.
this relative refused to move so i called the police.
i did!  i don't regret it, i called when i felt threatened and so i called the police.

but in doing so, i was outted.
and still outted.
how many years after?

incredible ireland doesn't also give you a chance.
You make not a mistake, but if you make a decision and you act means, if they do not like this decision they bar then that person from all services, and all family functions, because that is what happened.

we are talking here now not money nor doing anything terribly wrong, in the scheme of things.
but ireland likes to make a mountain out of a mole hill.
you know that yourselves.

How easily one member of a family can get all the shit that others cannot either hold, use or cope with.
in ireland there are more scape goats then on Dalkey island for sure.
we did it in the 50's which leaves a film documentary behind for all to rediscover the cruel facts of holy ireland, the film is call 'behind these walls.' it was created by Mary Raftery, deceased.

So outted am i in my new place i don't have a gp here, but i can sit in the car park of my twin's and wait to pick her up after an appointment, but i have to travel to the next town in order to see a doctor!  but according to another doctor saying on a file, you have to have a gp within three miles of where you live....I don't!
its crazy.
it isn't funny.
the worst being the impact on the relationship between the twins.
one knows the other is suffering, and the other knows the other is suffering because the other is suffering.
this has been caused by the HSE who has caused a tsunami effect of paper and accusations and stigma and investigations.
with the family i think there is an easing of caution but i only think this, i was ignored by the seafront with my twin the other day, it wasn't nice for either of us.  (I am awaiting developments of whether or not that was a snub or not, it looked like a snub to both of us, but waiting to see if they either apologise, explain or invite us to something nice, still waiting).
but stigma, difference, disability etc in Ireland means that you are worthless.
you are not even considered for making a decision, especially ones they don't like.

you cannot call our country a democracy if it refuses free thinking and decision making in the parliament and has the capacity to slice a poor individual who is so sick she needs the hse unfortunately, but the HSE has decided she is a witch and needs to be avoided at all costs, because a chihuahua with no teeth got to a home help before the owner.
because the owner barked at the home help for not cooking a poached egg.
and for barking at home help in an attempt to get a wild and woolly young black dog off the street.

still outted am i!
and not an incident like these before or since, EVER!
how daft is that.
of the relative incident, i was very sick and was coming to grips with disability and just out of hospital A&E, in fact when summoned to help my twin, and help my twin i did, because thats what she had asked me to do.
but you don;t get no thanks for it, when you call the police on a relative in Ireland you are then doomed to coventry for the rest of your useless, disabled life.

with the HSE it has left two very depressed ladies, sitting in a new county and regretting the move megga.
two women who feel abandoned to chaos and lonliness by both family and hse with two clapped out wheelchairs, one clapped out scooter and twins, very clapped out.
we are not clapping in love for the HSE.

but then this democracy is still writing reports and considering their next move, which will never be fast.
in the meantime the HSE is allowing two women suffer.

My Maggie Mai (here on the right is an 'Irish Therapy Dog' she tries to lessen the suffering for more than for me.  she is a role  model and a blessing.

i mean allowing us suffer, and these are called our Health Service Exec.
They have the capacity to stop it all NOW, but they are not, naw.
we are in the Irish Times tomorrow tuesday.

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