Saturday, August 10, 2013

researching stigma

it only takes a mini research project to see the world of the 50's so blantantly documented by the late Mary Raftery has never gone away.
we have a defo 'behind these walls' attitude still and i wonder when we will come out as modern.

Day after day combing medical files leave two women aghast at 'ignorance'.
How can a file present as 'the real mccoy when a  note on team meeting says that 'feeding aids were discussed and will be sourced'
its not a feeding tube but a spoon!
'a previous home help was bitten by a dog'
no not an rothweiler but no other than a chihuahua with very few teeth leaving no marks at all!

Just get it right, man, i say.

you cannot have clear reporting, with such language.
but i only place here the really banal, it does get far worse and the attitudes and collective thinking comes across as almost a desire for evidence when no evidence exists, so it goes round in innuendo and supposition and kinda word usage that both could be best replaced, done without or the users please go back to college!

We have cases within HSE documentation that are factually untruths.
the HSE is known for this and i wouldn't be the first to lay claim to have discovered it.
pages and pages of notes on one individual has two women sitting opposite each other studying and each shaking their heads in disbelief.

When one finds a flaw, the other finds another a few pages on.
when one finds something so illuminating as to change OUR perception of a situation to such a degree the typist has to get back to the review on that part and add or subtract.
when this is done we see a compete and utter change in the document.

such is the astounding revelations therein.

we are not talking about a criminal trial here.
we are trying to make sense of it all.
the only thing we cannot make sense of is HOW on EARTH can these ever pass as the truth!

today we found stuff that really changed our views.

when we then relax and chat about the hours spend over these today we say to ourselves, if this actually can happen in such an innoxuous case as ours, how much worse can it be in so many others.

also alarming is, Ireland is so small that pockets can be created whereby professionals are interlinked like a chain and the individual trying to find a way out can never do so.

when you find that a Doctor has let it known on the charts that under a medical card scheme the patient can only have a doctor within three miles of their home, yet none within that would have the individual we are examining for love nor money and sure as hell the poor person has to travel far beyond.

why so?
tell me why so?
a picture is building up of why so?
and it is alarming - mary raftery alarming.
and she would be, if she was alive today.

how we need and miss such a person.
Mary you went so soon long before your time.  I need you here so may your spirit help us untangle this mess.

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