Thursday, January 17, 2013

cuttin' and pastin' a mighty fist!

PETITION: Stop the Irish Government assault on Disability Equality

To: The Irish Government

We demand the Irish Government stop the assault on Disability Equality by their actions of 'austerity' which is creating lives of misery for Disabled, sick and ill people. We demand the Irish Government roll back the cuts to all benefits and care packages that were begining to create 'equality'...

this is my twin's 'Dr Raging Wheels' petition on 'Causes' and i hope that i have done ok in this pasting up.
she wants us to campagn and rightly so.

ok then i am posting this up in support.
its agonising to be disabled in ireland and i think this is reflected across the world as each new year sees the disabled take the hits more than most.

we need to stop this international worldwide trend here on this small island.

the absurdity of life in ireland now for the disabled is being daily documented by us twins.

we have vowed to note down everything.
our conversations with the HSE personnel.
some of the weird things they say to us.
the things they promise,
the way they pass us off - dont answer the phone to them, fgs is pretty much the standard reply.

the ways they make excuses for professional conduct and yet willingly cut you to size if distress causes you to shout.

by the way, distress shouts are 'abusive' and 'i don't have to take this abuse.\

actually, the shouts we shout are er, distress.

if you wanna know about abuse, take a look at another page in irish history, the church, the magdelene laundaries and all the hse run places for children from which children fled and were never seen alive again.

the word abuse gets abused.

i am not a great friend of much but i hate, utterly hate THE HURT INFLICTED ON THE LEAST ABLE.
lets get them signatures in.
offa now to bed am i.
well, i am in the bed.
night mitz.

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