Wednesday, January 16, 2013

wet feet, mad brain, HSE

Yesterday i was taken to 'The Life of Pi'  a wonderful film now on at Dundrum, thank you older sis and  husband for making twin and i feel good about life.
a welcome respite from the more normalized terror and despair which is usual!

back to the real world after the lessons learnt at 'Life of Pi' that is, a take on 'endurance.'
I have not a problem with the concept of 'endurance' but i am now well past this concept and the reel of film is running backward and i am screaming out to the winds and rain and the Bengal Tiger!

what on earth did i deserve to be treated so badly?
Again more phone calls to the HSE, all ignored.
this is called my endurance and my lesson and whether it will have a good outcome i doubt it.

they have a policy which i think is mandatory, 'do not engage with the barbarics' that is the sick people and they are in charge of sick people, aka the health service exec - Occupational therapist managers, district nurses, and even the Senior social worker for older people - no less!
no. I have even been told they will not speak to me, answer phone calls, meet with me or have anything to do with me.  I am seriously ill and very unwell and in a wheelchair!!

I went to the solicitor today after having this  nonsense since last february.

Don't try your local Fine Gael office or the Independents or even the Minister for Health with special responsibility for Mental Health.
- the same department shaving off monies for physical health issues from the lesser funded mental health coffers.
I will tell Kathleen Lynch here she has a near suicidal woman on her books and both twin and i have been engaging with her department since forever it seems now.

No one answers phones, either in the Department, the local TD's, the local health centres nor the area managers office.
No one responds to complaints.
No one does - anything in Ireland.
we have answering machines, or 'she is in a meeting, can you leave a message?'  (no i can't actually).  if you do, don't expect a call back.

Its not only horse meat i want to put in the abbatoire at this point.

I have laid it square - if a wet-room is foisted upon this sick woman against her will, the gov will not see any of my money for the now legal property tax we are expected to pay.  (they say anyway they are going to take it out of social welfare by force though, so that may not work), this isnt legal either i should think.

if anyone reconfigures my home against my will then its not my home and i do not own it.
if the HSE reconfigure it, then it is effectively seemingly theirs to do what they like with so they pay my property tax and all that this house requires, even maintaining it.

It has to be illegal for the Irish Department of Health to make a person put something in place into her private home - against her will.
It has to be morally wrong to make her do this without any discussion, ever meeting the person and ever answering the phone to the woman of the house.

they do not even answer phones to the disability advocate nor to the Disability Federation of Ireland or Centre for Independent Living!  Our health service is not obliged to answer any person who is sick, never, or any person acting for a sick person.

when i say wet feet, this is another situation that is going on for years now.
no shoes because they withdrew the funding.
we are in the cold snap which comes in february and a wet patch, my feet were swimming in water as the present shoes have holes in them.
i have deformed feet unable to either afford shoes or even get them in an ordinary retail shop as both feet are completely different to each other in size and shape!

my feet were agony when i returned home cold and wet and frozen after a day out sorting stuff that never got sorted, all around health!  i have raynauds and yes i had thermal socks on, but what good if i have no suitable footwear.

the wheelchair -  yes, these are our permanent assistive aids, these ones that are reconstituted from ballyhaunis, no offense to ballyhaunis but try them, with a bad back and bone structure and  fibromyalgia and all the rest, try them with generalised dystonia, if you don't have dystonia by the end of the day, you will have after clinging clamped in one of the HSE's cost cutting apparatus from victorian times.  Also double the dose of morphine when you get home.
these are permanent for my twin and i.
On irish footpaths, try this one.
McEnroe 'you can't be serious?'  WE ARE!

to be told by Age Action that a person they know with MS is expected to use one of these!
and they break down so easily.
also to hear from another lady today that her wheelchair user auntie is struggling with the HSE to get a bed!
this woman is living in one of the poorest areas in south county dublin ireland.

You simply cannot compare like with like, say Africa or even America or South America.

we do not claim to be any of these countries and had a totally different system and way of working our democracy and it wasn't this way - or was it?
or is it going to be now that we abandon those in sheltered accommodation to dying from hypothermia, to women who live alone to not being able to get out and about, no wheelchairs suitable and no support and doing what they like to a property the person buys because its cheaper for them, but not for the person who bought the property to escape danger which the hse effectively put me in.

we are now down the tubes but to do this so ruthlessly, to cut off people on the lower end of the scale for the greater good of those on the top is barbaric and the way they are treating people like me is equal to what we abhor, statzi regimes and societies that have no ideal of the concept called democracy.
do not get me started on the role of humanity and our status of being christian  (i don't actually think i have to persuade you on this cos the church has shot itself anyway).  we were never christian so that bit of whisper is out the window.

I am mad.
No one in their right mind could stay sane with this.
we deserve to be heard, to be reasonably accommodated and to get a good service for this is the brief the health service executive are supposed to follow and so too is our minister for health, Dr. Reilly, that healthy individual who tells us that we have a high standard of care and gonna get better and better and better woa watch it ireland, yes we broke but your health will not suffer!

mine is!
very much so.

Wetroom - no taxes
Wetroom - i will be heard and i will shame them.
wetroom - i will take them to court

but most of all Blogging is the new messenger now and i say it here.
we run a cruel unchristian ship.
we have become a cold nation, a ruthless regime, a careless regime where there is no rule, no accountability and every one is a pal of everyone else, within the cliques, so if you outside that circle you 'ain't one of us mate, so don't expect us to do anything for you.'
a regime of small country with professionals who cannot be professional who will not let their side down and will shore each other up no matter if the issues are wrong to hold to and shore up.

no nurse will go against nurse.
no Occupational therapist will go against another,
and no manager will go against another.

we have a system of 'you scratch my back and i will scratch yours.'

Phones?  'what do you mean phones?'
'what are they?'
"ah sure, we haven't invented them yet!'
' we are still learning to use the ones we have.'
next we shall find that the excuses will be they are cost cutting on phone usage and i shall suggest the 'carrier pigeon' to try and run our regime of a bygone age.

Baaah i dont like this country.
i walked a tweedledum tweedledee day for sure.

On returning home with stone cold feet i discover i have no fire lighters.
my language was choice.
i had to go out in my holy shoes and get the stuff that ignites fire, as i was too tired to rub sticks.

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Dr Margaret Kennedy said...

It is a fact here in Ireland that the managerial style (if you call it 'management' at all) is to put ones head in the sand ostrich style. If you envisage an ostrich thus plonked you will be looking at his/her arse. Forgive the rudeness but the HSE arse is getting decidely cold and frost bitten...and the onlooker is getting decidedly angry at looking at arses. So could the HSE please refain from displaying said arses and begin to face on the client. This is by far the better aspect! but it must be a face that actually looks, conveys, and manages in a constructive, compassionate and intelligent manner. Thank God all HSE ostriches will in the future be 'shot', aka disbanded and sent packing on those long legs. May the run miles away fro Geystones Co Wicklow. Good riddance.