Monday, January 21, 2013

to name a county - its Wicklow Ireland

--when one is dealing with our famous HSE (Health Service Executive, which is to be disbanded, sooner i hope than later) this county is not much better and could be worse than the rest of Ireland.

How do i know?
it doesn't take imagination for sure.
they wreck lives and are wrecking mine and interfering on a grand scale.
they are also wrecking my head for months on end, day after day after day.

I spend most of my days, on the phone trying to get a Health service Executive to even answer the phone.
that is before i get to a person who actually will speak to me rather than her secretary.

I am so used to the constant put-downs.
-and the excuses
-and the absences.

we have ABSENCE.

As in HSE execs not turning up for work.

the complaint i have with the HSE in the Wicklow area is i am being forced to have a 'wetroom' in a tiny home, yet i am not allowed my say, not allowed have my home to myself without interference from the state.

I am a private individual who bought a private home and i also have my brain intact to make decisions, not have them made for me - against my will.  This is happening - against my will.

the person who demands this is on 'sick leave' - extended.
the person above her, apparently is only an admin officer who through her secretary tells me another person is dealing with my complaint.

that person is standing in for yet another HSE official who has taken leave, i am unsure if that too is a 'sickie'

when i manage to get a social worker, the senior one in wicklow she tells me she is not my social worker, even though she sat in in my team meeting, but no she is with the section which deals with elder abuse and older people
to which i aptly respond that i am being abused - by her crowd, the Health service executive.

now she tells me i should really be talking to the line managers and when i ask who hers is she tells me she too is out on sick leave!

it doesn't leave many managers left to manage  anything, does it,  eh?

we have been trying to have a meeting set up with the area HSE for months now, but they all seem hopeless and helpless and pass on the tail and thats not a typo, from one animal to the next, remember that game as a child, 'put the tail on the donkey?'
thats pretty much how the HSE works.
this meeting to discuss amongst other matters, a bath.
imagine in a country that has major issues to contend with we are trying to set up a meeting about a bath and we have not managed to get a person to arrange this and most are out sick anyway.  Very unhealthy health service executive workers indeed!

so the person taking over from the person trying to organise this meeting tells me today that she will go ahead and arrange a meeting anyway, i guess with anyone that is left in the HSE to sit by proxy,  but i say to her in Holy Ireland what junior would go against the area manager when it concerned a bath?

none because the area manager would make life hell on earth for the juniors if that did happen.

mother of god i am about to crack up.
no decisions mean it looks like a wet-room will be installed against my will and need in a TINY home, yet my twin with the same disability but with Dr. in front of her name has not been asked or made, actually made, have a wet room in one of her TWO bathrooms.
i cannot afford this space to be taken up.
do you think anyone in Ireland would sort this?
the junior minister for health and her private secretary is in Europe as i type as we hold the presidency of the EU.
well my twin remarked to her department, what the hell are the ministers organizing europe for the period when they couldn't even organize one tiny bathroom!

Please someone get rid of this shower and throw them in some tub somewhere and let it float down the danube or rhine, i don't want these messers in my Health Service Executive.
I actually don't want the HSE in my life and as they say -period.
we have a barmy way of sorting things.
is there anyone with clout reading this, would you please pick up the phone and address my issue of the bath.
if angela merkel reads this or her secretary will she please ask her to ring the Minister for health's office and sort the bath for a woman who once cleaned the bedrooms of the guests in the Hotel international Koln when she was a student.
at least that much i can be afforded after working very very hard in the toilets and bedrooms of very posh guests to her state, including Mick Jagger and diana ross and many others who graced her land.

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