Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Does it take much to be 'corrupt?'

Ireland - 21st Century
Quote 'We are a modern society' unquoth.  Enda Kenny Taoiseach, Ireland 2012
When - during the scandalous  revelations of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland.

of our modern society i wish now to state too, that to be modern is to be an Open society.
to be Modern is to be equal with the citizens of the state, not autocratic but democratic.

what is democratic about ordering a citizen of this state what she should do with her private accommodation when she is a disabled woman.

if an able bodied person buys a property and decides to change it about according to her/his need does some semi-state body ever come on board and say 'no you cannot, absolutely no you cannot.'

Tell me, this is a property for which they will demand i hand over property tax in the coming year.
if they make me have a wet-room, that is the health service executive, is this property mine or theirs?

if they foist this against my will and my home is changed about against my will can i say that i have had Free will to do what i like with a property to which i hold title deeds?

if i have not had free will the state, aka the health service executive have redesigned my home against the owner's wishes or consent or without any dialogue whatsoever.
I mean NO DIALOGUE whatsoever.

the person in question who demands this is a HSE manager of this area.
I have not met her
She has not met me
she has not seen my tiny property.
She has not assessed it or me.

She has not demanded this same adaptation of my twin sister who has the same disability but the twin has Dr. in front of her name.

How too can you consider it democratic if you try  in vain to get people to listen to you or talk to you.
my list includes:
the Area Manager Social Worker, again HSE who is supposed to speak to her clients and was at a team meeting about me where i was present.
The Area OT manager who will not speak to me, answer any phone calls/messages, mail or agree to meet me with my twin sister or disability advocate.

the Hse area will not convene a team meeting so that i can speak with the people whom i am told 'manage me!'
yes, another HSE official says i am 'managed' by this area primary care team.
and my 'case manager' is the person who shoots me monthly with a jab of vit b 12 because surgery has lopped away the part that absorbs this vital vitamin.
this 'case manager' was requested by me to convene a meeting and arrange this, but this case manager told me that the 'team' felt it wasnt required.

so the team decides, the OT decides and I am not allowed speak to anyone.
I am being 'managed.'

effectively i have no voice.
I am just 60yrs of age.
I am of sound mind.
i paid all taxes when i ever worked.
i bought a house, independently of any male or other.
i acted for myself in choice, solicitors, surveyors, estate agents and i moved my belongings from one county to another by myself without aid of family, social services or other.
just myself, my disabled twin and two wheelchairs and an adapted van.

once i removed myself from physical danger in another area after again, the HSE managed me there and managed to persuade me to move but never managed me enough to see where another organization (the county council) placed me - disaster, 'we didn't handle this rehousing well,'
Well.  No they didn't.
children shot at me.

so ann fled like a war victim, to be revictimized again in this county area by again the HSE area managers of the same ilke, the HSE area OT manager!

tis grand to manage people isn't it.
Like Enda manages our country and our finances etc.
its grand to manage it and when it goes pear shaped to blame someone else.
when the HSe finally couldn't manage me or my situation enough to get me out of danger they sign me off as 'this is a housing issue not a health issue.'
you would tend to flee away from danger when that area had been exhausted wouldn't you?
i fled, into the arms of the next HSE lion-ess.

the area manager HSE occupational therapist.

I will be glad when someone manages to eradicate the HSE which has known now to be above its station and 'unfit for purpose'
i will have put it into the public domain of social media that one person for sure fully understands this meaning.
that is, the HSE is unfit for purpose.
it destroys lives and will reconstruct my home against my will - all because i am disabled and applied for an adaptation grant, legally mine and supposed to help me not destroy my psyche in the process.
what this grant will mean that my home will not be what i had envisaged.
i will be able to wash with utter ease, all four limbs still effective and a full wet-room for a quadroplegic in place - just in case!
but i shall open the hall door with my own legally held hall door key and see the Area Managers reconstructed home for me, not my home and later in the year i shall be asked to pay the property tax on a property i bought for 208,000k and yet the public health area Occupational therapist will not allow me adapted the way i wish when i too know my disabilities.
you would be a fool not to know your own disabilities.
when you dont know them, then you are of 'unsound mind' and can be legally certified.]
I know my disabilities, and it isnt only my legs that are the problems.
i also know  what causes a lot of my disability, the Health Service Executive, which gives me more headaches than the doctor recommends.
Property tax - to pay or not to pay?
will i?
should i?
why should i?
pay the property tax after what the government has done to my property - against my will.

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