Monday, September 30, 2013

a single persons perspective cannot be all wrong

Labouring to understand - decline....personal, financial, economic both of myself and my country one has to find a way to explain to oneself and to others who care to hear.

the purpose of FOCUS, usually is, to er, focus.

the purpose of personality, perspective, possibilities, is to exchange the view of person's experience in light of the collective problems of my country.

it is as if i am doing a one person statistic analysis of cause and effect.

and the cause is real and the effect even more so.

We now have crisis and personality and the truth be told how does one explain it other than in how it effects a person and thats my aim.

I chose to explain austerity by how it effects a disabled woman, which i am but no, by definition, my disability does not define me but it does define how being disabled is detrimental to my health in the light of cuts, bludgeon cuts, without rhymn nor reason cuts.

its absolutely true to say the reasoning behind the cuts at the bottom strata of the economic divide makes no sense at all.
Look at the headlines today - we have a systems failure in accounting where millions were just more or less handed out in payments now found to be incorrect - by my government and its department of social welfare.
its not going to be written off by anyone, thats more than an educated guess here.
it will come down to you and me and all the rest of the eegits who do not protest the wrongs of my country.
it will be whipped from our pockets as 'austerity has caused this and so we have had to do this in light of the crisis our country is in....'

no, actually you do not have to do this.
what you do do is shape up your employment/employee and get the administration right - for a change and stop blaming austerity on 'crisis of country.'

Same too with non collection of further millions from hospital expenditure and VHI payments.
have you chased after all that?

well, i have heard a deafening silence here, well have we collected back what we should have or rather has the department of Health and Finance managed to do this?

I would be doubtful in the competency of staff to actually know where to start yet alone finish on this one.

We then have expenditure, rather than accounting next.

we discover under FOI, (please can the person who traced this to overpayments under FOI get in touch with me i want to source other corruption in this vein please).  there has been fistfuls of your money - not really  mine as i am a sickie and do not pay tax except on my house, taken off of ye and given over to managers who manage to either take money off ye again by not supplying need, eg HOme helps, physio, appliances, shoes, psychology, mobility allowances, aids and all manner of things.
they get allowances and perks, but these i think are given out if the managers do something for this.

what they can do is make sure they are keeping within budgets.
the health budget being one.
and the community and primary care budgets being another.
if a manager cuts and cuts what they give out to us, sickie and disabled would it be a far stretch of the imagination to believe that they then get some sort of perk.

and cause and effect sees me daily seeing more and more blunders in admin and burocracy and a glossing over malpractise and abuse of the wording 'in the name of austerity and the crisis in this country we have to....'
nope we do not.

the banking inquiry eh?  you have decided my country that they are all squeeky clean, so clean you do not think their is a case against anglo for instance.
Bertie....both slipping in under cover of 'events'
we are in crisis alright.
we are corrupting the sense of right and wrong in  the interest of 'austerity and for the sake of the nation.'
we are not getting our act together.
we are cutting at the bottom, society's most vulnerable and least able.

and of course, in the interest of austerity, the crisis of the country and woa we are getting back on our feet isnt that just brill?'
and will there be a big thank you for the disabled for allowing you, against their will, cut the physiotherapy they need, the medical cards, transport grants, home helps, PA's educational assistants, support worker, support appliances, and it goes on forever what 'austerity has done.'

we are sick to death (and might be actually) of austerity measures.
and i am frightened to dead about the forthcoming budget.
if there is any light at the end of the tunnel for us, will you explain it for i need an explaination i think i deserve it.
we saved this country, not the banks nor the govenment, now can i get my perk please?

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