Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Human rights? huh? wha that? in Ireland? ye joking!

seriously folks,
Ireland, little Ireland wouldn't have a notion of what human rights was if it hit it in the face, if it had a face.

certain sectors of professional society that is!

Yes, you have got it in one...the famous HSE again. Woa jackpot.

I am utterly livid after a visit to a neighbour who is over the 85yrs of age  mark.

she may be old folks, but she is as clear as a bell and when you are that clued in, no one messes with these ladies, no one.
but some people tried, and failed.

Lets tell you the story.

she was in hospital recently as she has been getting fits of falling (remember her age now).

so that was being investigated.
so far so good.
but she then was told she could go home by the doctor.
but on the day she was to be going she had asked for her niece to be told as she didn't have clothes nor the key to her house.
but for four full days they managed to delay and delay and make every excuse under the sun about all this and it was a bank holiday weekend too so that didn't help.

what happened was the niece was informed that she was to be at this old lady's house and that there she would meet with the hospital OT.
Yep that crowd again, you do love em don't you?

so she was.

I can picture it just picture it.
Lady grey lying in the geriatric ward wanting to be at home.
lady grey in her nightie being forgotten.

her niece in her home, the trusted relative and she is trusted and still is trusted.
but no not so the OT.
In comes the OT
'that has to go...
that has to be moved...
this must be moved, all those top presses have to be cleared out.
the mats have to go.
the carpet runner in hall has to be taken away.
and if it doesn't happen she is not coming home, she is going into a nursing home.

this little old lady lives alone.
if she dies in her house alone that is her problem and she is of sound mind so she has to take that responsibility.
you cannot simply cannot deny a person their human rights.

And human rights have to ask permission of a home owner if they can go into their home when they are not there and unless you have their permission you are trespassing and doing so is against the law.

You cannot tell a home owners relative what to do to the owners home, when the owner is of sound mind and has all her marbles and pays property tax and worked all her life to have the home she wanted, and the way she wanted it.

You cannot demand of anyone to do anything to another persons property.
its against the law.
property rights in all countries is very strong.

and rightly so.
they cost a fortune and you work damn hard for your roof over your head or most do anyway.

You also cannot deny a persons human rights and that is law.
she has her rights to the way she wants her home no matter how elderly.
no matter what sugar bowl will fall on her head and knock her out and make her fall over the cooker and then burn the house down, killing her in the process, its all hers and no one else.

What you can do is discuss all her options, when she allows you into her home, and you are there by agreement.
but you cannot make a person do something against their will, unless they are suffering dementia and this lady is not.

when the niece told the lady still in hospital what was happening the old lady called the doctor and told him she was consulting her solicitor and was leaving the hospital and they would be hearing from her solicitor.
they made sure she got home.

when she got home she put everything back where they always were and life got back to normal for her.
at 90 housework and systems rule OK.
and that's the way she had known her home and that's the way she understood it, felt secure and happy in her own home, she loved every inch of it, over decades.

Like a bloody big wet room nearly foisted on me against my will i would have been so destabilised by this as this old lady would have been that it no longer would have felt my home.

Like this old lady i had OT's coming into my home and measuring up for the wet room and me standing there in anguish until i ran them and then got a label for doing so.

Like this old lady i too know about human rights and am in the process of discussing all this with a solicitor.

another thing, the niece was told which is criminal and which is also illegal, that if these things were not done the old lady was next to the nursing home and wasn't going home.

that my friend is blackmail pure and simply and coersion, and illegal.

All these laws are written in stone but as Ireland is Ireland the hard work of chiseling on stone means nothing and specially in the hse.  it is either dismissed or revered, depending.

 anything written by the HSE about a client is sacrosanct but everything else is sent to one department to another and another, especially if you are claiming your rights are being violated.

you then get the label of 'persistent complainant behaviour!'  Yes, but there is no such thing in law.
you can be called all sorts of behaviours, some are legal and some are  makie uppie.
in most cases things are makie uppie.

and we do nothing about any of this.
most of us (or yous put up with all this ) and that's how it sort of self perpetuates.
nothing changes until we all start challenging these things.

why oh why do we allow so much in this country to continue in such an insidious manner and not demand change by constantly routing out what is wrong doing.
all i have mentioned is wrong, wrong wrong and there is no other way of looking at it.

its wrong.
its written down as legally wrong.
its wrong.

read my lips.
its wrong.
I am angry.
yes, angry.
them fancy ones with the measuring tapes in my own home i own.
those fancy ones in a decent lady's home with their demands of her poor niece under threat, that's wrong.

who is he?
or she, or them or that.
Alive and well in holy Ireland my friends.

and the lady with the hair band and bangs is putting her foot down.

she is not paying her property tax, she is single, coming up to 90 has no dependents and she said someone else can sort that out when she dies.

now this lady is a modern woman!
I like her a lot so i do.

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