Monday, September 23, 2013

when politik vitriolik meets ann vitriolics

it is obscene to cause distress to a sick person when this distress is caused by a body of professionals who all have been to university to study years, in order to care for the sick!

I name here in violent distress the Health Service Executive of Ireland.

for the past two years i have unrelenting harrassment by professionals of the HSe.

Yes, of course i am seeking advice.

to do assessments, then say they were 'mistakes'
to give powered chairs and then say it was a 'mistake'
to demand back this same wheelchair.
to continue this for months on end is nothing short of scandalous.

when i ring the politicians of the day, Minister Reilly at the helm of the Department of Health i was told again today it had nothing to do with his department but the HSE.

surely to God HE is the man in charge of the blasted HSE?
surely to God he formulates the structures, the payments etc to the Blasted HSE.
surely to God, he a GP should be able to see that to whip away a powered chair from a person suffering a neurodegenerative neuromuscular decline and myopathy should see what is happening is a crime against humanity.

you cannot stand idly by and allow this nonsense go on for months on end.
as it has been for myself.

Now we think of a powered chair as an item for need for those in need.
no one who doesnt have this need would scream from the roof top for one would they?
No, cos to be in one puts a very different slant on life, believe me, it does!
so its not exactly the 'fashion icon' of the decade or even the century.
its a necessity.
and i need one, and i need it now but the one i have is banjaxed with bits falling off, including wheels and the control knobs.
something has to be done for sure.

when i ring in about it, that its sick i am told then to hand it back, its been given by mistake fgs!

yes, like what happened all the money in this country that was squandered by mistake, will that be given back?  To US!
ah nah, no.

but my bloody wheelchair clapped as it is has to go back to the great HSE who is the organisation Minister Howlin has declare 'not fit for purpose.'

you bet Minister its not fit for purpose, and while you are at it, will you tell THEM and also Minister Reilly GP TD?
cos this woman who now is in the geriatric stage of life having hit the great 60 and about to hit 61 is having to deal with the HSe whipping wheelchair offa me.
Will you deal with your errant children?
them that got to the great universities and who got a chance to vote for the Seanad? I didn't.

I have had enough of the HSE, my belly full of the HSE.
i live daily with it, fighting it, writing to it, and hating it.
i sleep distressed and dream about it, the wrongs done to me and how i get out of it all, i wake with dull sickness in the pit of my stomach and the first thought is HSE.

its a disease.
it feels like a disease and its killing me.

when the HSE want to take a wheelchair away it would leave me powerless, as in electric powerless.
these items as i say are no luxuries.
but they are expensive.

this expense entirely driven by the fact most don't need them.
therefore to produce them is little but less is needed so the few are more expensive on the mark up.
that isn't my fault!
nor can i afford it...i cannot afford a powered chair from my pension and my disability pension.
given that i was and am disabled all my life, i hardly worked, but thats not my fault either!

No one deserves a free lunch you may say.
no, no one really does.
but do you whip the legs from under people too?

what will be the next step if the HSE cannot afford a powered chair for a disabled woman?
will it be shooting her at dawn down by the greystones harbour?

well having typed up all the names in order of appearance in health and other who have been involved in my health care over the past two years, it runs to about 50.
the paper trail them lot has produced doesn't bear thinking about.
the time spent speaking on phones, dialoguing, discussion,meetings etc regarding my care doesnt bear thinking about either.

but what DOES bear thinking about is the COST of all this.
Leave the damn wheelchair out of this for a minute.
when we take over 50 people engaging with each other and self regarding my health care for a period of two years that has to add up to a lot of wheelchairs in monetary terms.

so if you sort a problem within two weeks when it comes to this here 60 year old geriatric you could afford to give me the wheelchair and all would be happy but in that brief process, and doing without the agony of the past two years, you could have been able to afford far more wheelchairs for other individuals who need them.
Instead you start on a campaign of harrassment, threat, name calling, labelling, banning and vitriolic.
well you have one lady here fit to kill.

Christmas is coming, will Santa either please Bring me a powered chair in my stocking or do me a favour and ask Scrooge would he employ them?  that is, the HSE.  for it seems scrooge would welcome such a shower.
i dont want them and will sell them off to the highest bidder, who bids me please?

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