Wednesday, September 25, 2013

zipped in - unzipped out!

i think i do 'get it' now.

Why so secret.
Systems do stink.

these systems, where there are many players, pawns, kings, queens and far too many er, managers cause a pecking order, cause a cautiousness as if in prison.

if you are small fry in a big organisation its best you stay quiet, and this too includes licking arse, being restrained in use of language, vocabulary and literacy when note taking is part of your job for instance.  i name but one example.

when at a meeting someone may say something that is very correct and yet the note taker has been warned.
More than warned.
DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING down that you may live to regret.
so we have the pen stop mid sentence whilst new wording is considered and something else entirely  gets written down in the place or is left out, completely.

this leaving out has been noted.  a cautious use of language, an over simplification, but also a florid word or two goes a long way in starting a chain reaction.

 i have noticed this - FOI is a good place to start.
this i advise everyone to consider if they are concerned for their lives, their health and their dealings with state bodies.
ALL can apply for personal notes by any organisation under the Freedom of Information Act.
But remember the word Freedom is actually too liberal.  it isn't that free but you do learn an awful lot, i mean an AWFUL lot indeed.

its also a good way of finding out how systems actually work, for good or ill for a person.
you can trace where bad blood begins for instance.
what people are thinking and what people are saying and doing and also what they are not doing and why.
you can also see Slander there  which is illegal for everyone has a legal 'right of reply' to anyone calling them names for instance.
you just cannot do it!
most know this.
but unless you contest it, then they will continue it.

Zipped means that many do not find out the truth.
and they do not since they don't go to the source to find it.
it takes a strong man or woman to watch a process in the making.
the denigration of an individual is not a pretty sight.
if its you, then its awful.
its harrowing, bitter, upsetting and causes fractures in feelings, emotions and vulnerability.
but its the strong thing to do to find out where it began, who is saying certain things.

we have to start analysis.
for instance, why is snowden now finding it difficult to find refuge anywhere.
and why does a nation and more want to string him high.
he found out and he spoke out.
but i think he did this for all the right reasons.
we cannot allow secrecy which impacts on individuals who haven't a notion that such things are even happening.

in many respects it is about RESPECT.
slaughtering people behind their backs, is against human right legislation.
slander, taking a persons name and good character away is personal assassination that most would fight to the death to retrieve and rightly so.
If a person is good and honest, trustworthy and gentle then, to be considered less than this and named as such is evil.
I don't use this word lightly, but honour is at stake and a persons honour is the best part of every persons belief system.
insinuation and deviousness in dealing with certain people also is callous and immoral.

whole sections of society can go down the tube if such is let simmer and rot and stew and broil and over spill.
large swathes of peoples are and can be named and treated as less than equal.
we have the poor.
In Ireland we have a wealthy population who have a distain for the poor.
I don't only say this, Emily O'Reilly believes it too, and she has believed this since 2004 and things have become far worse since.

this is when the society begins to fracture.
some think they have a god given right to better treatment than others and so we start to see more and more who are treated badly and fewer who actually believe life and the worldly goods are entirely their own alone.

I can walk down the corridor of a private hospital in Ireland and a public hospital in Ireland and see the difference.
its disgusting actually.
there are real leather chairs and armchairs in the lounge of one, and plastic seats in the other.
there is a real glass for juice in one and plastic cups in another, real cutlery in one and plastic in another.
cigarette butts in the cracks of the communal toilets on a public ward and en suite in another.
in one alcohol wipes and cleanliness is in short supply in one and liberal fastidious in another.

we also have consultants speak to a sick person as if the person is a VIP, in another, the public system, they speak at times as if they are contemptuous of them and see them as shite.

when a private patient rings their consultant, they usually get a phone call back.
not so a public patient.
if you ring a private consultants secretary you can get an appointment tomorrow and with a smile.
if you ring a pubic clinic or secretary the phone rings out or you get an answering machine which no one ever hears and no one ever answers let alone replies.
you see your consultant if your lucky every six months and that's it, whereas if you are private you receive a consult on demand.

in the public system its more 'how dare you even ASK!'

if you have  a professional title for instance, it has been known for nurses to drop files and run for the attention that is needed for that person.
this is the patient in this instance.
but if you are a person on the dole, on disability pension or being in the psychiatric system - once, then the likelihood of being passed over is very very high indeed.
you might not even get fed for twenty four hours.
you do not believe me.
i kid you not.

this is why i say that secrecy has no place in society.
we must know the truth for the good of ALL.
if on a personal level you do not know the truth and want to know the truth then you go to find out and you do not give up until you do.
if you feel wronged then you go to all lengths necessary to put to right what has been wronged because if you do this, and more do it then what happens is a domino effect.
its less likely to happen and society as a whole starts to grow a spine and strength.

to be scared of an individual you know to be your equal is dreadful.
all are equal.
some societies have a caste system.
Ireland has, oh yes it has!
and having this, realising this its time to stem the rot and the split between the haves and the have nots.
and it cannot come soon enough as the gulf is widening by the minute.
also secrecy and silence are the same thing.

if you want an action or an activation of human rights then you have to speak up.
i will end what has been a long blog by saying we are now on the cusp of another budget.
we are warned it will be dangerously strict and restrictive.
but not to those at the top but the disability groups are bracing themselves for known cuts.
where are the screamers and the collective resentment on this.
where are the protests, the physical protests?
where are the people starting now stating that there will be revolt if any more cuts happen to the least able to absorb more?
well there are none.
and this my friend is feeding into the split.
the cause of divide.
the reason why it happens.
no speak, more cuts.
more shouts, more cautiousness on those who cut.
there is no votes in hatred.
if you are not approved in gov.  the votes go down.
so collective action is a good thing.
it reaps rewards, it also sets a high moral tone.

a country is weak if it cannot defend its own and a country is weak if it does not defend the rights of those who are not that capable of striking forth to do it for themselves.
we owe this to our neighbour actually.
and if we do this we are doing it for those who may come after who will be disabled, elderly, sick or unemployed.
i am meaning YOU!

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