Saturday, September 28, 2013

what we know about the Irish Health System

FACT - the public health service doesnt exist.

FACT - if you can afford it, you can get health care here.

            Now all the following are FACTS......

this is an important hand

You can wait two years for a colonoscopy and go private to be told there is a lump there and you will need a scope.  STart praying my blog readers.  within a week hopefully.

You can wait over 6 years to get a new pair of shoes - for deformed feet and you have to keep these for two years until you are 'awarded' another single pair.

You can wait 2 years for an MRI on a knee, even if you have fallen down twice on that knee and cannot get off a chair.

You can wait over six months for a electocardiograph.

You can wait another six months for a holster testing.

You can wait three years or more, without having very swollen achilles ultrasound.

After which they are permanently damaged as mine now are.

You can have a HSE official demand a powered chair BACK!

they can also blackmail you in saying 'well its either the powered scooter (which is broken) or the powered chair (also misbehaving), you decide.  YOu cannot and you will not.

you can have a HSE official tell you how to design your home, even if you paid 208k for it and will pay property tax for the rest of your life.

You can have a HSE official appoint an OT 55 miles away, when you should have one ten minutes away (this is when the HSE official doesnt like you)!

You can be called 'aggressive' if you shout in despair.
You can be called 'dangerous' if you shout in despair.
You can be said to have 'violent behaviour' when you shout in despair.
the Mayor of my new town better watch out, he is sitting beside a violent geriatric!

when you complain about this...over and over...over and over...and ask for all the requests stated will then be noted as having  a 'persistent complainent behaviour'

You will be denied your wish to have a character reference tell the HSE you are none of the above (many can say this)!

You can be denied a 'risk assessment' when they tell you the above, and beg for one to prove them wrong.

you will be told there is no one to do a 'risk assessment' but there is!

You can have a HSE official take home care staff away and then investigate why the home care staff has been taken away (one HSE official has done both on the same case) (fgs)!

You can have your GP refuse to do bloods.
You can have your GP refuse to test you for certain things, even though you know its common in UK or America.

You can have a consultant say 'you dont have parkinsons, you just want it'  even though a test which is supposed to be 97% accurate, costs 3,000k a whack.
You can be considered as having parkinsons disease a second time at a different hospital, same test, same 3,000k and the consultant who ordered it then say 'you don't have it!'

Your movement disorder then is labelled 'learned response from some past trauma.

Finally when all else fails to find out what is wrong you can then:

study the bloods you do have.
go online
check out some sites especially people with same blood results already diagnosed.
you can get the nearest overseas consultants in the discipline which best 'hits the spot'

finally after over ten years you 'hit JACKSPOT' and get a diagnosis.

you then move on a bit.
get sicker.
you then go over to a different country and fiftteen years later get another "JACKSPOT(s)!"

in one full year, finally maybe only maybe i will have a diagnosis for sure as they are almost sure  - in a different country to the Irish health system.

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Dr Margaret Kennedy said...

Everything you say is true. Then when you get your PCT notes you find that all services are filtered through the lens of 'how much will that cost'? will she ask for more (no), hasn't she got private funds (no)and find evidence that your rights have been trodden on, your basic human rights...yet there is no-where to take it because the very people who trod on your rights are also designated the 'complaints officer'. isn't that a grand way to keep the population under control. And we worry about Russia, or Iran, or any other totalitarian state. Look in your own backyard mate. Ireland is no longer 'free' or a 'democracy', it's an Island for the rich.