Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Merkel wins but Ireland Loses

i believe this is so.

many now are puffing and patting each other on their backs for managing to pull Ireland out of recession.

Have we?

Who managed to pull us out of this recession?
who got us into it in the first place?

What has been the cost of austerity?
Who suffered most?
who suffered not at all?

what happened during the reign of austerity?

--How i feel Laws were broken.
--How i feel human rights Law was infringed, denied and set aside.
------------Abuse was and continues to be rife.

We have many suffering and far more than we are led to believe and in incidious, hideous ways as well.

Ok, some say that we had to get our soverinty back and i guess so, i guess we had to be 'our own people' again.
But i do not see that we are actually our own people and i do not forsee this happening in my lifetime nor in the next generation's time or the time again after that.

in order to pull ourselves out of debt and bankrupcy we have sold all our goods to more powerful nations.
How can we say that we actually own that much anymore as the spoils are split between America, China and Europe?

In order to pull ourselves out of recession how did we achieve this and who suffered.
We had an AUSTERITY programme which ran amok i say.

None of the bankers, politicians and upper middle class (economic middle class) were  starving during this period.
they retained a lifestyle to which they were used to and maintained a wage packet and bonuses just as before.
some even, gave themselves more and had no moral concience about the suffering poor at all.

it was indeed a dancing on the graves.

When I read Emily O'Reilly say two things regarding Austerity this morning in the Irish Times, she said that we had 'rationing by stealth.'
People understand Emily O'Reilly for being forthright with the truth, she isnt escaping Ireland for nothing.  She has been noted and accepted as Authority in most things.
When Emily speaks, others listen and that is the truth.
she does use wonderful literal language.

she calls it rationing by stealth because she is a diplomat.
I say we had stealing by wilful individuals, departments and  government, who stole and denied so much to the least able in order to achieve an aim of Europe.
In doing this, they kept their own money, priveledges, rights and standards of living.

We, the underclass, namely the disabled saw our life style so attacked that we were and will be left in our homes without being able to even MOVE OUT to enter the world, this is not a metaphorical turn of phrase, i am speaking literally.  I am speaking here of 'imprisonment' and 'against our will, too.'
we are being cut mobility grants, care assistants, appliances as in powered chairs and All of these means one thing - allowing us to MOBILISE!
without these, we are literally 'fucked.'

We have also a denial by many that this is wrong.
they say it is 'necessary' because 'we are in hard times and must get out of recession, we must get back our sovereignty'
but not at all!
We do not have to go through the lives of vulnerable adults and children with a hatchet austerity programme when it wasnt beyond the laws that were in it to go for those at the top of the ladder.

they wouldnt do this of course, we have a society where if 'you scratch my back, so too i shall scratch yours.'
 In this type of society you cannot, simply cannot go after your own kind because in the long term you then lose out on back handers, vote approvals, slaps on back and payments under the counter, into the off shore counts and priveledges second to none.

who could afford to lose all THAT?

But children can lose out on special needs education.
mobility allowances to get them to sports and respite.
they loose out on services, speech therapy, austistic services, special schools, transport, adults too lose out on respite and do a job now that in most cases is not paid and for which they receive no claps on backs and no back handers either.

we have people struggling to make ends meet, with lack of breakfast for the kiddies in order to stave off the baillifs.

We have bullying on a grand scale by the HSE which i have documented at length on these pages.
this sort of onslaught attacks the fibre of society accross the board.

morality goes out the window.
Laws which protect us against Human Rights abuses are being flaunted and many turn their backs on the wrongs of policy making that attacks such rights for those individuals who have little by way of power to effect change.

No one now sees the silent suffering in the homes of Ireland.
No one sees the suicidal ideation of young men, families with trauma in their lives, the sick, the vulnerable and the disabled.

We have a stripping of Ireland of all that was held dear and good.
we cared for the least able.
now we care for no one but ourselves, and just about stomp all over everyone else.
we are beginning too to believe a belief that is taking hold in the rest of Europe, that those who are disabled are denying the rest the right to social welfare, housing, benefits and special attention above all the rest.

this is so not true.
You only have to examine a case of a sick and disabled woman aged 60yrs, which also puts her in the bracket of Geriatric and see that far from snapping up anyone elses monetary goods, she is having her basic disability pension reduced and reduced on every budget day and its a basic pension, nothing very special at all!

she is made pay far more for her medication than ever before, in fact double what she had a year ago.
many medications now are off the list for funding.
ditto the gluten free products are gone and she bakes her own bread (not in a long time as she has been too tired of late).

she is also being harrassed in a vile way to hand back her powered chair and have her mobility needs reassesed.
This is what Emily O'Reilly also alludes too when she says her one regret was her inability to develop an Adult relationship with the HSE and the Department of Health.
This speaks volumes for we have an advocate in our midst, who saw by the profiles of those appealing to her for assistance against such health abuse that she could not engage with these forces in a meaningful adult way.

After reading the shocking stories which abound in UK this lady will not give back her powered chair which is the lifeblood that sustains her ability to move around, with free will and not be tied any place at all.

If we cherish the need for our soverign nation again can we cherish what was good then about our nation?
our once treasured good will toward all, especially all who were vulnerable and ill.

Can we regain and make a better notion of christianity and morality, instead of sexually abusing those we are caring for, locking them away and imprisoning them in their homes can we view or have a 'groupthink' on how we wish our spirituality should develop and move pass the grimy past of religion?

Human Rights is a 'dirty word' in Ireland right now.
Human rights means a very different thing in our 'new Ireland'
It is based on Economics not the human person for which the rights should be attached.

We, in effect are killing the soul of the Irish Psyche, causing a sarcasm of soul, a disbelief that we can ever be a great little country again.
the confidence is actually gone, in our ability to move and make the right moves in society on all levels, not just economics.

we are now forever looking to someone else to show us how to do things.
but in this we also say and do what ever it takes to please anyone other than ourselves.
we also have lost the moral fibre to say NO, to Merkel and the EU.
we have lost the moral fibre to say NO, we cannot have anymore austerity packages effecting the least able again.


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