Sunday, September 15, 2013

The budget looming

Joan Burton TD has a job to slash a large amount from the costs of social welfare and this is ordered by Troika.

We are supposed to be rising out of the doldrums of economic collapse.
so why cut so deep when we are again a rising star?

We had up until now treated the vulnerable in a way that few countries did.  We treated most who were misfortunate a bit better than other nations.  We were known for having a better social welfare system, but is that wrong?

We are not a high flier now and in the scheme of things never will.
we are on a string and we do not pull.

i worry so much about the upcoming budget.
those of us at the bottom of the ladder are struggling.
the seniors who gave so much to both society and the country.
the seniors who created the bodies of the men and women in Ireland and those who have left these shores.
we then have the disabled.
some have been so since birth.
This is no crime and no burden.

we are after all supposed to care for each other.

the disabled did nothing wrong, and some say didn't chose to be born.
but I, as a disabled person am glad i am alive.
I would prefer though if i was living.
because the cuts have not only crucified the health service which i badly need but the health service in their harsh ways these days have made life hell for me and my twin sister.

If any body i could blame for making my life a misery its the HSE and they know full well this is so.
I don't entirely blame the individuals within the hse, but do blame 'attitude,'  'stigma'  personalisation which is 'not being professional' as you do not think of a person's personality when deciding how to care for them.
you think of their disability first.

but never so the HSe, who love the old Irish way of favouritism.
Favouritism means that you lick arse.

It is true the only way in Ireland it seems to get anywhere or achieve anything is to 'lick arse.'

We have not fought these cuts the way we should have.
We have not stood up for human rights, people with disabilities, are so crushed and fearful that they too have taken little political action as i see it.
if you do not demonstrate vocally and loudly about cuts to spending that eat into the basics of living eg mobility, independence, equality and human rights then you have not stood up for the least able nor yourselves, if you are a disabled group.

we are going the way of the strong, we are smashing the weak.
this is what a nation does when money is the only thing that matters.
before we had the 'big ideas' and the 'celtic tiger' we didn't need or wish to be say, Germany, or France, Italy, Finland or Denmark, nor the UK or America.

we were a confident small nation looking after each other.
but we began to feel we 'were not good enough' and had to be equal to the rest of Europe and had to be 'big and powerful.\
what happened then was the need to be equal in Europe led to greed and we had a major collapse and our ethos died.
we lost our souls, sold our souls.

I see this budget now coming as Not Ours, but that dictated by those who love to trash for the sake of power and money and that wasn't our ethos at all.

be afraid, be very afraid, we are going the way of other nations, but we now have begun not to exist.
we shall no longer be our own person.
we will be amalgamated into the pot of blandness, money and congealed to power of others, we have lost our way and we definitely have lost our voices.

I feel Ireland has gone.
we no longer are Irish in ethos.  In the way we think of others.
the way we extend the hand of friendship and care and had a sense of family and believed in the Irish family unit.

there was a lot wrong with Ireland, the church, our adherence to it in such an incestuous way, but can the adherence to 'love your neighbour as yourself,' be worse than 'love money and forget eveythig else.'

fight this budget because we have had these cuts on the lower end of the economic strata now since the mighty crash.
no one who is rich in Ireland has seen a life less well lived.
we have.
we don't live.
and in so many other nations, those at the bottom are dirt.
I am now being treated like dirt and this is a direct result of power, greed and cuts.
if the financial pot for the least well off had been left alone, we would not be treating the least well off in such a horrible fashion on a personal and a psychological level.
the elderly, the disabled and the poor will always be with us.
the elderly, the disabled and the poor had never the means to crash a country to its knees and leave ghost estates smashing down all over our land.
we just wanted to stay warm, fed and enjoy a simple life with a bit of help from the neighbours.

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