Sunday, September 1, 2013

WARNING - Wheelchair loses more 'bits'


This is a HSE directive.

Will you please recall all your powered wheelchairs you are cobbling together at Ballyhaunis!

if this wasnt so serious it would be funny, not divine comedy but literally, a comedy of errors.

What are you doing putting four machines on the one?
taking a wheel that is good from one machine and lego like putting it on to a chasis that is ok to hold it, more or less.

We have had one accident to date, a serious one.
A very serious one when my wheelchair hit a wall as the wheel flew and making me and the chair beome firmly embedded in the wall, remember this.

I needed out.  I mean out of a situation that was tension extraordinaire.
and i needed away from HSE and the dynamics that have been building like a tsunami for over two years.
i was at break point and all agreed the stage was set for more than wheelchairs breaking down.

with a good deal of encouragement i left town.
i got into my van and drove to Wexford.

in the van was my twin sisters powered chair.
she had given me it to tide me over for a few days.
mine is in a very fragile state.
so i have this one.
it wasnt that much better i have to say.

it has in less than a year shredded its tyres which were bald and should not have been costing me to have to pay E50 to get it back home.
Yes, i had borrowed the item, because mine is too horrible and dangerous for words.
can we see if this one is any better?

so next to happen the machine, margarets machine stopped dead after a full day out.
not through lack of power.
no, lack of a single magnet which most owners are given free when they buy a powered chair.
sometimes the stearing gets locked as if they get jammed computer like.
so now she has a small magnet.

ah this awful machine caused twin to be in agony all day yesterday.  Unbelievable pain.
she had traveled on dart to St. Vincents, just as i had when the wheel fell off.
its a bumpy journey and a very sedentary one.
you sit it out and ride on - mate.
she had her echo cardiogram.
she returned.
she bumped and bumped all the way home...wheeeeee....wheeee....
no its not good.
my twin has major spine crumbling issues, had been knocked down by a bike and had severe injury to a sacrial ilial joint, no i dont know how to spell that!
so can you imagine what a bucket, which is better than mine but still not suitable, can cause to a body that is literally falling apart, itself!

so this item of my twins, from the HSE, given as a temporary from Ballyhaunis where all old wheelchairs, powered chairs are being reconditioned there and re-cycled out to the poor sods with back injury, recovering from spinal truama, ms, parkinsons, dystophy and mito disease - us.

i took it out for a few days to forget HSE problems.
but sure as bloody hell the HSE is on my back!
or more like it, on my rump as i bump and bump and stop and carve and tease a gizmo not willing, simply not willing to do its job.

on the way back from horror the whole panel of electrics to my right hand fell away, yep hit the deck on the concrete and there i stared at it, ligthts flashing and it, lying on the path but attached to the chair by an umbilical cord.

a geezer passing with a dog tried to put it so i could return to base, my two day holiday bed!

i bumped in and decided a toilet stop was essential.  it was a stop alright.

for the power left, mito style, in magnitude to lack of energy of us mitos.
it ceased anywhere forward or back but the control panel collapsed onto the carpet with a soft thud.

it remains where it fell.
i am sitting softly not too far away.
Can you see the lady from the toilet hold the control panel in her hand?

i am thinking that the HSE is going to haunt me now til days end.
if its not one thing its another.

especially when it comes to wheelchairs.
sick, yes as a parrot.
i am sick of it all.


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