Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anyone got a vacant hole going with a good strong lid on it like the dung beatle or trap spider?

yep, i remember reading about them spiders - or was it ants?
they dig a hole, deep, and make a lid on it, i think and then they wait for something or other to fall in, through the hole and bobs your uncle we have a munch.
something to that effect but i could have this wrong entirely.
we had a few 'incidents' this eve.
why in the evening, oh why oh why, does anyone know if its a full moon?
anyway, i was to go to the CAB to talk about an impending court case, minor one and my first ever.
i was early so called into a neigbhour from a past life who did brill on the lotto, i mean brill, really brill.
no, i didnt want the money to pay my imagined fine in the court case, i wanted to congratulate her.
she wasn't happy and looked absolutely dreadful.
The place was freezing too.
she lives in social housing and is a paranoid schizophrenic.
 she was too sad for words, and started to ask what was the point of all that money when no one loved her.
good question, one i put to my therapist today about now having a nice home for the first time ever!
it wasn't a question i could rightly answer.
then she went ballistic saying 'look at me! who would love THIS?' she asked as she stabbed a finger toward her body.
she is large and has a strange shape alright, but she is both physically and mentally very unwell.
she is on buckets of meds for all sorts of physical conditions and not helped by psychiatric drugs nor eating far too much and also diabetic because of this.
this woman has been through hell and back.
no, she isn't easy and i have never come away 'well in the head' myself.
she is very, very difficult.
she never receives visitors, has a mensa IQ but well, what can you do.  I visit rarely, she scares me but she is very decent,she loves nature, wouldn't hurt a fly for all the rant but its hard to love her.  she tries so hard to even live half decently really, she is so troubled.
as i was trying to deal with this a knock on the door came, i overheard 'he doesn't live in a grand house either, an ordinary one.'
i asked who was there to my friend,  it was a guy from the 'united left.'
same gang called up to my social housing unit about an hour before, but without the chief bottle washer, he whom i asked for help, asked him to come and see me etc. but on this evening's visit  to my cul de sac he was invisible, on my last street very visible.
i launched at him. Verbally.  One court case is enough, by a long mile enough. I  wonder if i should actually become a dung beetle.
i lost it a tad, i shout as i am deaf, not helpful that either.
he got it for not doing anything and no one did, not one of our politicians.
none of em.
i was very upset indeed because i knew what had happened me in the past two years.
ah, i flew out with the bevy of polics gone and my x-neighbour shouting, holding my fortisip, which i had drunk there, and didn't do me much good after, i have to say.
off to CAB.
sat there, shades on, a ridiculous peaked cap, woollen mitts and my legs jigging like crazy, that my friend is cos i have some kinda movement disorder and dystonia too, so we have had a bloody good evening.
i am called to see the solicitor.
he is small and a bit deshevelled.
he hardly did look at the list of offenses i was supposed to have committed.
he muttered not disrespectfully but rather nicely, 'yes, yes, well i am in court that day.'
REALLY, i say.
'Yes, i can keep an eye on this one.
I know this garda.'
a slight curve of the lips, yes, he knew her.
i answered the smile, "is she KNOWN?"
as you understand, is she kinda 'known.'
'yes, she tends to dig in deep.'
as it was all hastily gone through in the moment, i had to add before i was shown the door, "well i wonder what may happen as the inspector is going to interview her in May."
he took a moment to digest this and with his look i answered that too, 'i made a complaint against her.'
the smile returned.
'and she has made a complaint against two of her colleagues.'
he said, 'she didnt'
the smile was growing.
'what will happen in court, i mean, i have never been in court before and my twin is frightened.'
'go home and tell her not to even think about it, rap on the knuckles that all, not worth the sweat.'
he was amused.
it appears that this young woman is known.
as another inspector admitted.
she was 'special.'
i ask, 'special?
"Yes, 'interesting.' i have someone in the room so you do understand what i mean by that?'
I do.
now we have the intrigue and the rogues.
one expectant politician never crossed my door ever and i asked for a bit of help in my own personal demise.
and i was told by an inspector that this guard was posted to the midlands and yet the solicitor tells me she in the traffic division.
the politician also never came up my avenue this evening but he did send his gnomes but not himself.
when i asked his gnomes was HE with them, they answered in the negative.
so did the boss slip out the back way, go for supper or a meeting?
i think he slipped out the back, hence two lies in one evening, three rants by me, one by a sick person and a smile from another, all very serious stuff and i think i wanna be a dung beetle after all.

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