Monday, February 21, 2011

Little princes Dirt and Dogs

You know, i think i am old!  very much so.
it wasnt a heck of a start, hospital called for a check up and i saw a wee woman from my last stomping ground so i left her home as well, tha ok ok about that!
then called into a cystic Fibrosis sufferer mad on dogs and the ashtray was full of dead ends of role up!  Last person in that unit was found dead there last Easter.
tha not ok I am not ok about that!
anyway she is always very happy, very.
Dog crazy, very. a happy cystic fibrosis lassy.
oh well.
the woman who won 26K wouldnt answer the door, wise woman.
and then it was home.
we had a silent few hours and then off to the magic park i found in cabinteely, lush with crocus, millions and zillions of em all up the avenue.
the sun was low and cast huge shadows, it was magic.
until we met the Princess, small in size, you know the kind, she had picked up a bit of dirt, on her bottom, she had drools too, down her front, her hair was scraggy and tangled, the princess had been a tumbling by the look of her.
then came the mama of the pup, you know the kind.
tight ass, boots with heels, longish hair, when people are getting older you can tell how much so, for as the wrinkles appear the hair seems to get shorter, have you noted that?
i have, and this won was about half way there or three quarters, depends, anyway first child and prob her last, she pushing it a bit.
and the pup was pushing it a tad bit too, streaked and puffy red in the face she wore silver, the fake kind in longish hair, for a pup.
it was pointy on top, it was - the crown of - a princess but she was half way in and out from pumpkin to princess.
If you know what i mean.
the mother, yep the one with the flash lips wondered open mouth if the dogs were allowed run free.
my twin and i looked sort of vacant for the question was vague, but pointed.
and we looked.
'Ann, where is Maggie?' we looked around.
i had not got the message as it was vague.
you know that kind.  half way between my ears, space, the sky and the dogs...that kind.
it was MY dogs she was wondering about actually.
the little chubbies scruffing around on butty little legs.
she intimated that Princess was normally frightened of dogs, but as mine were so tiny...well...she was being very brave!
yep, her words, not mine.
i gave a sort of pale giggle, in disbelief.
ah the pup was being brave to inch high butties.
well if mama felt the kido was about to be savaged why wasnt the little princess sort of scooped or held on to?
if she wasnt to be scooped could she introduce her to the butties and teach her not to be afraid after all.  the were only wee butties and good to practise on for surely as she grows so will the dogs she meet.
anyway Princess with a capital P pranced off with an indignant tight assed mama who swagged off as well, same direction.
then the Princess did the ultimate as twin and i were rightly pissed off with her and her bottom covered in muck for us to see.
she took a sweet wrapper out of her bag and flung it on the ground.
yep, in full daylight.
'Hey, hey, did yo drop something?"
i shouted with a waving hand in the general direction of the brat.
Hey, hey!'
mum now looked round for she didnt see the dumper dump.
she looked sort of puzzled.
I managed to get to the silver on the ground.
"Hey, Princess, PRINCESS, did you drop some silver?"
she stood to attention but a bit sort of flustered but not at all put out.
I got to her then and she didnt really want to take her piece of silver back, the sort she flung that is.
i felt like taking the plastic off of her head and doing the same.
"Now now little Princess, that not nice in this beautiful place dropping stuff like that, thats called liter and you take that home, do you want to put it back in your little bag?"
whether she did or not it got put into her bag by the owner of the butties.
Mama now realised what she had done and she crested the back of her tangled head in a cupped hand, 'ah now that not nice, you mustnt throw paper on the ground.'
yep well they trotted off as did my butties but we did feel a bit sour.
well the magic was lost when you see spoilt kids and one rule for one and another for tudder.
but my buttons were embraced with silk scarves, lassoed really for we didnt want more of the same and i had lost the leads.
we walked around the lake.
there were some mentally ill people, just a few being seriously watched. yep very seriously watched.
there was a lake after all, one fling and you into mud and mire and water there.
so we went home then.
we did look at a derelict bungalow at the gate end.
it looked cute,
we wondered would we get a job as caretakers to magic land, but we guessed we'd meet too many fierce dogs and princesses.
we couldnt take the princesses but probably the dogs ok.
we can always put the back of our hands to the wet noses and say "ah you ok, aint you, you aint gonna gobble me eh?'
they usually dont, unless you whack him when he isnt looking sort of thing.
we went skip hunting and a thrawl at at a garden centre made us sick - with tiredness.
we did too much we did.
we were wandering around the garden centre seeing baby leaves and one could be the same as another we were that tired we didnt know what we were looking at.
coloured buckets catched our attention, now they stood out.
but green leaves for miles, nah, not to day.
off home.
i had a stint on the toilet, yep i did too much.
twin hung onto the computer for dear life, then she made dinner and i thought of the wee princess and wanted to note her down.
you do, you know..want to note these little chizlers down.

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