Friday, February 25, 2011

a typical day really

my twin and i were up early, as a visitor was expected.
a young volunteer was to try and fix my bed that had collapsed, failing which two sisters with movement difficulties plus plus, would be lying on the floor, japanese style.
we were left to our own devices.
my neighbour told me 'don't panic' which i was, my twin though was getting kinda excited.
she wanted 'the job' she really did.
but i first opted for a man (do i detect a bit of gender discrimination here)?
would that pass the equality acts in ireland do you think? or, am i as an employer be hauled over the coals.
that said my friends, the man started the job and the woman/s finished!
yes, no such thing as womans, but we as singularly as we could, finished the job.
bought the timber, nails, brackets, swung the hammer, used the teeth of the saw and the angles on the screws just right.
the hammer was the weapon of frustration and a sure hold.
it got done. symetrical, the bubble was bang in the middle, the electrics worked and the end tipped up and so did the front.
my twin tested it, sweating and coughing.
we rested some but twin then needed the psysio, and i beat the hell out of her back trying to shift stuff via the ribs, muscles, knock out the lungs to get them to empty their filthy contents, did it work?
probably not but repetition will.
so too will the vick, the humidifier, the inhaling of vapours and a shot of lemon and honey which cost me a trip to the shops.
and a smack between my ears of 'your sister should be in fucking hospital!'
yes, we use very useful adjectives around here, but you cannot say that such is not without the dramatics, impact and in this case useful?
that was from the man with the tattoos who tried to fix the bed - which we finished.
oh said man put up a kinda prayer flag high on a pole right in the flight path of my little twitters and coo-ers and they were frightened indeed with the purple flapping which didnt look like any feathers they knew, so i guess you would be too if a rather large purple fish like thingy was wildly blowing where no purple thing should dare to go.
as twin and i sat on the swinger for the second time this week, twin did the unexpected.
"the flag flying there is frightening the birds,"
she shouted in the general direction of the neigbour, who, started off the bed repair job.
he, got out his ladder and took it down.
and i suggested out the front where fewer birds pass by and even suggested where to place it, on a high pole.
he then took the cue to tell me he knew where he would like to stick it, but all in good humour.
to which my twin responded. "now now, we wont have THAT!'
it didnt go up the front pole!
we move on to another human being of a completely different style.
you know the one that wear the crocodile with the curly tail jumpers,that type of jump man, the expensive find, with the three quarter length french style green woolen coat for the warmth to ward out cold etc.
well doctors do eh?
and when i saw him at the till, about to pay for 4x4' wood, i told my twin 'here comes R, the guy who said that i was too expensive,' he noted the comment of course.
"yes, mags this guy wouldnt take me on, he said i would be at his door every day, that i was a public patient and he wouldnt earn a lot out of me and it was too late in his career to take on a person like myself.
i wasnt worth this lovely guy time to help me with my health issues, yes next in ireland with the public/private divide we shall be stepping over those on public health care, and not to mention that such like i only get five blasts of physio in six years now, that is five sessions of three quarters of an hour, thats it all.
yep, thanks Ms. Harney for this.
I left for home upset, very.
but not before i went back and put my hand on his should and said twice in his ear, not fearing to get that close and intimate to tell him "your attitude will come back to haunt you, mark my words."
i truely mean that what happened today made him squirm, the cash attendent was a bit startled at the engagement but it was low key and not alot around,but anyone in ear shot would have heard.
i left with the bitter taste of the bitter pile of HSE services verses VHI services, for the lump sums, four wheel drives, posh clothes and a pretense of superiority and especially the ability to wave off those they dont want to help and encourage those with money they will.
tis a grand world we are creating for ourselves.
in this smal island on the edge of europe we have a legacy to rid ourselves of.
greed, laziness, and lack of will, enthusiasm and charity.
to know that two women with neurodegenerative disorders were slugging hammers and not anyone knowing this fact and least of all care, is a bit hard to stomach when you are at the receiving end of neglect.
next time i want to drive this fact home maybe i should get a lump hammer and sock it to the people, especially in the medical profession, oh the wish to, but then prison would beckon and life is short, rich in beauty, which is free and i dont want to go anywhere but to my forever home now.
i want out of this prison first.

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