Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paw comfort on a cold day

Well Life moves on apace.
there is nothing the council can do about egg flingers as i didnt see em.
I have to say i do not hold a camera waiting!  the last time i was holding a camera, but not waiting - i was horizontal resting, and learning and the little girl child gave me a great lesson -
i got the best shot in the whole summer - great composition, great expression of thuggery on the childs face, she doing something with the guns safety part (she knew how to use it for sure)!  Fantastic exposure, contrast in colour, its a winner, if you wiped the face for she was underage so has the priveledge of thus and cannot be identified.
no, i don't zone the camera all Canon 450 EOS (and if someone wants to, i want to upgrade to Nikon 90, thanks, all contributions welcomed, and the extras will go to the photographer in Beaumont Neuropsychology department who just told me he had bloody gone and bought this camera, huh :(
I do zone my Aldi E2999 scope at the bird feeders, yep, and the detail is good for one half blind and did appreciate the difference.
In reality i would like the whole pane of glass a magnifying one so i wouldn't have to strain the eyes and hunch-back around a scope but i guess they don't make such things and that would be too 'in your face' after a while.
yep a four foot by four foot starling and the shit about a foot square.
Imagine if every time i turned and saw a gungy white blob slop onto my yard. Naw, not nice!
where was this blog taking me?
Eggs - a stephen from the 'anti-social' department of the council states nothing can be done.
i tell him its a right little gestapo institution down there and he giggles.
i told him than, i was glad he thought me funny and i reminded him the councils reputation goes before them, and its known they are the most corrupt, nasty council in Ireland, and 'did you know thats being said?'
Yes, i know, but he also said to me he knew it was the most corrupt, ha! admissions, well they can be actually deemed non admisable in court.

Well the egg spatting episode is over, so i better scrub down the caramelized egg off the window, for it can become like nail varnish in the son, so i am told.

my home help munchkin is making me a fantastic ceoliac lasagna, well it aint ceoliac for i still cannot find ceoliac sheets of pasta.
having driven to the shop for the items, (yes, the sickie has to do the shopping, place it in front of munchkin and she then does the cooking-for a person bril at cooking, thats the easy part, you dont use the footprints much) i got the items, thats all and came home.
very little petrol in the van, and no money in the purse, so...we are housebound for all the wrong reasons.
I am powering up my scooter, i think it is powering up, last time i tried i got a shot of electricity up my arm from the charger.
the irish worker who was called to see it said, dodgy socket, after it tested ok in the kitchen and walked off, i tested it in the outdoor socket, it works but you get electricity where it shouldn't go for the same effect.
And all is well with the world.
what other moan and rant can i produce, well...had a moan with the occupational therapist, not the postman, not to the munchkin, not much just about the gestapo, and not the twin for she is in Hyde park and grabbed a word in her ear, so no time to moan.
a moan defo on part of my anatomy, my left knee is banjaxed, literally.
stabs shoot through it, i am now a limper plus a shuffler and the combo is not pretty.
On knees please if anyone can make sense of this, why would a man with prostate cancer not have the operation for that, which is simple one in fact, in most cases if caught early and yet goes for a knee op and is on morphine for the pain.
knee ops for some reason are one of the most painful kinds.
if anyone has an answer for this, please tell me bar the reasoning that knees dont have anything to do with virility!
bye for now.
i am going to have a good day, my trotters are going trotting soon,
munchkin has overfed them already, my protestations there are to no avail.
she has an overweight English bull terrior in her car, too fat to trot.
ah all is well with the world.

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