Sunday, February 20, 2011

the Mood is BAD! that is Irish citizens in general

I was doing my own bit of campaigning/canvassing but without the political bias.
See we have an important election here, one like no other either.
Seizing the opportunity to target my fellow irish men and women i got a flyer done on the social housing debacle for disabled persons.
well there are not actually and will be none either.
So i sat on my wheels today outside the catholic church, not many takers, very few came out of the 10am mass, that in itself is hugely surprising but maybe the get up late here in ireland.
the mood was a disgruntled scroogy grumble.
and i got the 'bahh humbug' thing, but once i shouted 'not political' you saw then a reluctant weak smile and a hand outsretched to take.
many just crumpled them into their paws or pockets, i would say the mood being badddd, they will not clap eyes on it again, for its all baaaad news here yuk.
i never realised how few irish people actually live in dun laoghaire, or maybe again, they are still all in bed.
going then to the open air market produced more non nationals of european decent, hungry, holland, turkey, french and some arabic couples and kiddies. but where were the irish?
when i saw them coming around 11.30am they were the sort that was more interested in their curly good french breads and their curly kale than me with my wishy washy blue flyer.
many had children and overburdened, actually no, noone at this  market looks overburdened.
here the upper middle class gather, looking all sort of 'green' etc, and only buying the best from the grass oil cloths on one stall run by a krishna guy or a buddhist, anyway he had a funny streak down his nose bridge so donno what he was, but nice cos he took a flyer.
I got my coffee from the usual place.  if i go there, and i do a lot in past times, i pick up a latte and a banana and maple crepe, God that is so delicious, out of this world, but i wish it didnt 'drip so' it drips all over the place and by then the dogs are in the scooter basket, smell a rat (maple) and are going wild.
it gets all very complicated at that point.
but today no crepe.
I wasnt cold, but was not warm either.
I had run out of juice and was aware of that.
but more so aware of my fellow human being, as the young voters, and many probably for the first time were more interested in very mini skirts and weird and wonderful bandanas and eye makeup were disinterest, in me, my flyer and they flew ignoring both.
yeh, i said to myself, not so the spoil sport sort of yeh, just knowingly no one wants to KNOW.
and after i say to them "NOT politics,; i can get a taker tells all.
the MOod in my country is bad, very very bad and getting badder!
and the only wise ones to stay indoors on a blustery treatening day are the politicians, for none were out, none.
no great show or game this time round, no rossets or fancy nor laugher, banter and jest, all is serious and they behind doors afraid of being lynched.  and they would be, one and all.
the only brave ones are the 'people before profit' guys, but didnt see boyd barrett around.
once i saw Ciaran Cuffe in black and merging well with the crowds so as not to draw em but enought to slip the leaflets ok.
so  my campaigning for the day is all over.
its an embarrassing thing and i it doesnt sit easily on me.
i sat and scootered back to the vano and drove home. kiss the children (maggie mai and ana) and sat at the non speaking, abusive growling lap top.
yep and i hope to do some computer housekeeping to keep maggie brown happy and that awful guy that maggie is employed by, they too found to be as corrupt as any other irish company and semi state body trying to educate the less able in society, my bloody foot.
but maggie brown is a breath of fresh air and fantastic and i want to do anything for her, which means tidy up my images yuk.

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