Saturday, February 19, 2011

campaign trail in Ireland,trees lopped and squirrels!

Yes, a pretty full day indeed.
I felt far better, the head had cleared (no not drunk just blinder for week), and i was more sparky.  took the chis up the hill - in some respects a bit of the good bad and the ugly here.
the good, dogs loved it, i love nature, nice people abroad and fabulous day. the bad, maggie mai is an inveterate snapper at bigger dogs, very embarrassing.  Ana can nip the ankles of bigger men too!
the good again is the word out that there are red squirrels up them hills! yes, i remember someone saying its one of the last vestige in Ireland for them and i remember one running scurrying across the road by Victoria Hill entrance, into the Catholic Church grounds, up a tree!
that was, a long long time ago.
further along the damp path with beautiful ferns and moss covered boulders i met a woman who is grieving for her rescued chi, we chatted.
she was a photographer and was telling me about some celedines she snapped last year around this point.
and further along, horror struck.
large trees had been cut, and a huge watercourse run off exposed on the side opposite, a deep slope from the hill and any flooding would have a clear path onto the above mentioned road, this time crashing into the back of Holy Trinity Church, thats the prod church of my dad.
these tree trunks' core looked perfect, not a sign of a rotten middle, yes further down one stump looked rotten at its core but it was far away from these tree bits, and they were very large bits to boot.
and further toward the cafe there was exposed land where once beauty reined of dirt and rubble and a stream below, no living thing, a gaping cavity in a continuous line of fine trees that have been there since famine times.
i was upset.
well i guess they gone now and i have asked one of the delegates who is not making it to the Dail to look into it.
I met lovely sheena and we chatted with her xshizu Paddy, he of the missing front tooth and mighty eye teeth!
we talked veggie growing.
then it was home with two muddy and tired chihuahuas.
but ann was not finished yet and somehow i got it into my head to do A3 flyers regarding the dire state of social housing in the borough where i live, that is social housing for those with disabilities, given that a designed,designated adapted unit for a person with mobility and other issues have never even been drawn up on paper yet alone built.
that was a rush job, emailed it to printer in sandyford, drove up, spent money and whizzed back to the town's centre.
I HATE shouting for attention with blue flyers, absolutely hate it.
what got the rabble was saying 'NOT political!' that seemed to make em take the piece of paper ok.
but oh disappointment when i saw one screwed and mashed at an outside table of a pub, and inquiring of a fat man further on what he though of it, he told me he had not read it yet,and probably wont!
on giving another to a very old lady who told me 'they are so so RUDE in county hall.' dont i know it, all to well as many others do too.
so just about everything put into that day, at the end of which another expense and all my disability done now for this week, i have become a heavy spender in recessionary times, maybe the money will shore the country up for a little longer??/ i doubt it, but i do have a good book to read!
oh, on ending, a woman ran over my bright red triangle sign on the road, a sign put up to save space so i could bring the scooter to the back of the van and into the van.
yep she was there at the back of her car and said she didnt notice it,er, red luminosity, shape, alert triangle, moya my foot.

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