Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A new day dawned and closed, in reconciliation for the mo!

Tis a topsy turvy thing, relationships and sibling disputes etc.
how on earth do two people do it say for 40 odd years???
naw, not for me, you do get the good bits when too tired for another belt at an argument, forget the crock on the drainer, you are one yourself.
join the enemy, it will get done, dont worry!
but one plate becomes two, then three and we have a fair size of platters and spill to clear.
well the day has near closed, the light is dimmed, twin lying stretched on the sofa with the two chis on her belly, me on the orthopaedic chair, with not a lot on either, due to pain.
we are resting, and seeing the weather temp will rise and so with it, probably my temp too as i dont 'do' nice weather anymore due to sjogrens.
i am sure other sjoggies are in prep for the long haul of heat, the curfew ordered between 10am and 6pm, yep tha it for us or factor zillion block and the japanese actor look or gheisha but i would never pass as one and certainly the muck will stick in the wrinkles and the lip gel seep into smokers and oldie cracks.
doesnt sound nice when you put it like that eh?
how do you avoid it, aging, creams, floppy silly hats, gloves, shades, umbrellas in 101 degrees and an eye squint out the curtain divide of 'maybe today will be better,' eh, sweltering down belting rain and mist and humidity for the crinkle crisp here.
and so the end of day is not about arguements but surmounting the elements of an irish summer.
but as we were wrestling with a very hairy, wirey golden oats plant too compacted for words, we going shades  of red for twin and grey for me i said i bet she was glad she wasnt in christchurch cathedrel right now, and you bet she answered back.
a quice facebook race and discovery that all her friends there are ok and one anyway lives outside so big sigh there, but some it will be wet tears of abject horror and disbelief.
some might say its the end of the world.  the religious kind would.
but this is a natural order thing, the world is small, population mega big, like bouncing fleas big so nature takes over to stop the overcrowding of one species.
no matter what one feels about wars, natural disasters its what happens when we get out of hand and are too heavy for a fragile earth to cope with.
not enough land to grow food to save us too is natures way of cutting down on chompers.
right, when i rant on this on, i read that the UK throws away a third of the food it cooks, this is dreadful.
very aware now that the food in my fridge stays there and ends where it should and not in bins is making me make an effort.
do you have to grow old to be aware of nature, overspending, over using, over doing and all the overs you can imagine?
the frivolous frolics have sure ended.
we get whats called a social concience.
not so on the minutae of silver even ep or plastic, dirty sort.
you lose the plot so easy as you over using the energy there and also overusing the hands and overusing the brain and you get over cooked overspent and spent dead out flat with exhaustion.
so go easy on them rows, you know the ones that make you furious cos of weight or balance of spendature of energy, we are now all eco-ing so to prevent the fights, wash the plates!
moral of the day, dont go to bed with a bad itch of a row behind you.
you will be scratching all night.
lets hope the receiver will have got the message and all are the happier for it!

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